Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I feel incredibly blessed. I have the most amazing kids.  They are very thoughtful.
This year, William began spoiling me with nightly foot massages a few days before Mother's Day.  He said they will end a few days after Mother's Day giving me a whole week of "heavenly feeling feet."  He has been very helpful around the house as well.
Breakfast in bed was very delicious.  Cinnamon roll pancakes with cream cheese glaze-- yum!

The girls did something really sweet.  After going on a walk and sharing how my favorite color rose was yellow, they went and bought me a yellow rose bush.  I love it!
As if this was not enough, I was showered with jewel covered cards, candy, new kitchen wares, shoes, a purse, key chain charms, flowers, and a gift card out to dinner.
Yes, all of these things were very nice, but what's even nicer is how thoughtful and considerate the kids were, making sure Mother's Day was a day of relaxation for me.
John helped with dinner, and we finished off the evening watching Swiss Family Robinson.
To all you hard working mothers out there-- I hope your day was blessed!
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. No one deserves it more than you!

  2. Hi! The flowers were very nice. Pat


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