Monday, April 7, 2014


The weather has been so nice lately.   We had some friends over a few nights ago and barbecued.  Finally got the chance to meet a special little boy just adopted from Ukraine a few months ago.  It is so nice to be surrounded by friends... I hope we get together again soon.
After church this morning we headed out back to work on the yard.
We pulled out our green onion plants because they were out of control, but saved the seeds to replant next weekend.
Our pomegranate tree is loaded with blooms.  I think we are going to have lots and lots of pomegranates come Fall.  Can't wait.

John worked on all the sprinkler systems.  The kids helped pull weeds.
The girls helped me to turn the soil.  Unfortunately we found more grubs.  We must have dug up a hundred of them.  I had to treat the soil to kill the ones we missed so they wouldn't eat the roots of our garden plants.   I hope to get our seeds planted next weekend.

We had fun digging for grubs, although we all agree that they are nasty little things that you certainly don't want in your garden.  The girls even earned a few bucks.
Our peach tree had to be thinned.  This is how it looks 60 or 70 peaches lighter.  I don't know much about growing peaches, but I wonder if I should have thinned it out more.  I had to organically treat it with Neem oil to treat the aphids that attract the ants.  Hope it works.
Costco had a great deal on tomato plants.  Their bed was prepped a few days ago, so they are growing nice and steady.  Hopefully I added enough eggshells to the soil over the winter to provide enough calcium so the tomatoes don't get brown rot.  I hope.
Oliver has taken an interest in riding a skateboard.  Probably because he sees his older brothers riding them all the time.
Nolan looks like such a big boy in this picture!
After the yard work was finished we made icees.   If you boil syrup made with sugar on the stove and then add a Kool-Aid packet, they make an inexpensive treat
that all the kids (except for William) love.
My Mom spent all last week here.  She baked nearly everyday with the kids.  Friday she took Anna to a Big & Rich concert.

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  1. Those pastries look so amazing, I got overwhelmed with craving for them! (I'm sitting in a cold office, so icee's not so much!) You are blessed to live in California. Here there's still piles of dirty snow sitting around.


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