Friday, April 4, 2014

Three Things

Thank you so much for the prayers. Andrew has been sleeping through the night and there has been no more pain since the first day.  His burn is darker now... looks like a patch of leather, and there are a few blisters but overall he is doing well. His spirits are high and he is full of energy. He made oatmeal again, but used a pyrex measuring cup with a heat safe handle.
Nolan is only five years old.  He is not even in kindergarten yet, and he has so many obstacles that he has to overcome everyday.  He has trouble hearing.  He is not able to talk intelligibly... yet.  He has missing digits that make holding a pencil more challenging than normal.  The skin on the palms of his hands and feet is very thin compared to ours and wears down quickly.  It takes no time for him to develop a sore on his hands.  I would think these things would make learning incredibly challenging for him and yet he is doing so well in school in his transitional kindergarten class.  Here is one of his school papers from yesterday.
I guess he is just one determined little boy!
Thanks to our friend Vanessa, we have been making Haystacks regularly around here.  It is a wonderful vegetarian meal.  First you lay down a bed of tortilla chips.  Top them with white rice fried lightly in sunflower oil before cooking.  Top that with white beans mixed with sautéed onion and garlic.  Throw in some fresh cilantro-- and wow-- you have an amazing pot of white beans.  Top the beans with fresh grated cheese, sour cream, and avocado if you have it.  The finished product is so yummy.


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with Nolan's writing! He could teach my almost 7 year old a thing or two. :)

    Glad to see the burn is healing, too. Poor kid.

    Those haystacks sound really yummy! I'll have to make them in mini some day for myself since we don't do many carbs around here anymore.

  2. Happy to hear that Andrew is doing much better !
    About the dryness of Nolan's skin, I would suggest you to try creams like Mustella or Trixera. These are the ones I use since birth - I have EEC too and dryness of the skin has been a problem since birth too - and it really softens the skin and there is lot less dryness :)

  3. Grew up with haystacks!!

    Corn chips, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, cilantro, onions, salad dressing.... we do it at church for big potlucks. Some like sour cream and other things. Some call them sombreros .

  4. Google super heated water. I suffered a burn after microwaving water and found out that it's dangerous. I enjoy seeing your darling children. Jo

  5. Wow Nolan is doing so well! Did I miss a post where you went veggie? Or is it for lent! :)

  6. The burn will likely heal nicely, since he is young and healthy! We have recently realized how well aloe vera (straight from the plant growing in a pot in our window) works for helping to heal burns. Just a hint! And Nolan ... I think you have been blessed with an amazing child to call your own! Well, You have many beautiful, amazing children I think - but this time we're noticing how talented Nolan is!)

  7. That Nolan !! :) He is the cutest little guy and I love how he loves the camera...Anytime pictures are made he tries to be upfront and smiling like crazy. His mile and twinkling eyes just get me every time..

    He is going to be a great artist...even colors in the lines and his writing is really something...for not even being in kindergarten yet. I think he is interested in just about anything, He always makes me happy!!!!, Give him a smooch for me !!

  8. Nolan's coloring is REALLY GOOD! His fine motor skills must be very good - and with such challenges, too. I'm impressed!


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