Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Monday

So it's Monday.
Woke up at 5:00 am to the wind howling.  I got up to close all the windows.  I guess I was too loud because I woke up John.
He asked me why Dennis was at the foot of our bed sleeping.  He had come to our room in the middle of the night awakened by a bad dream.  Sharks.  Scary sharks.
We prayed and after some tossing and turning Dennis was snoring.
I fell back asleep until 6:00 am.
Time to get up.
I had sourdough toast with blackberry jam and a cup of coffee.
Recapped with Alex what is "appropriate" behavior.
He made some very disrespectful comments to the parents of some kids at the skateboard park yesterday.
Though I'm pretty sure we will look back and have a good laugh in about ten years, it is not very amusing at the moment.
Got Alex off to school.
Oliver had another explosive diaper.  Not fun. 
He had a bath.  
Nolan is up.  I went to clean out his ears like I do twice a day, and was presently surprised for the third day in a row.
Nothing to clean out.  No discharge.
Whoever suggested garlic ear drops for kids-- thank you!

Caleb is in Mexico for the week on a mission trip.
He went with old friends from the previous town we lived in.
This might be his last time going for awhile since he will be working and attending college next year.
Speaking of college-- he has finally chosen one.
He was accepted to three colleges in all, and after weighing all his options he has chosen UC Riverside.  Caleb and John went to Highlander Day this past Saturday-- and the visit confirmed his decision.  He is excited!  So are we.  It is pretty nice knowing that our two oldest boys will be at the same college.

There are some major changes happening in our family.
After going back and forth and weighing the pros and cons, we have made a decision.
I enrolled five of the older kids into public high school starting next year.
Part of me is relieved, a part very concerned.
Many of my kids are in college prep classes.  They currently have online teachers for those classes, since I don't feel equipped to teach at that level.  Next year, many of them need classes that are not offered by the charter school.  To remedy this, the school said to enroll the kids into the local junior college.  They will get double credit, and the school will reimburse us for the classes.  Sounds wonderful, right?  Well, I went to enroll the kids at our local college last week only to be told that they had very little chance of actually getting any of those classes because they are in such high demand and my kids are at the bottom of the totem pole in being able to register.  Basically, I was told not to bother.
Great. Where does that leave my kids?
One wants to be a nurse and go straight to a four year college.  Another wants to go into the military, but wants to prepare to go straight to a four year college if they change their mind.  They need certain classes in order for this to happen.
After prayerful consideration, I enrolled them into public school next year so they could take Chemistry, Spanish III, and Pre-Calc.-- just a few of the higher classes they need.

I talked to the high school counselor and feel really encouraged about them going, but I am concerned about their safety.  I guess hearing about the mass stabbing at the Pennsylvania high school last week really scares me.  And then there was a high school student who was murdered last month in Texas.   My friend's daughter not only knew the victim, but the suspects as well.

It's just so heartbreaking.

It makes me want to scream! 

It makes me want to hug my kids and never let go.  

But they have to grow up.  They want to grow up. 

And so I pray for them.  For their safety.  For their well-being.  For their protection.  I pray that they shine their lights as bright as possible! 

And I pray that I made the right decision to have them go to public school.

As for the other kids... they will continue to be home schooled through the charter school.


  1. Thanks for the glimpse into your life! Decisions about school are soooo hard. I feel for you Christine!
    My kids attend a local charter school and I have been wondering whether to send my eldest to the local middle school instead next year...there are so many pros and cons. Lately, I have been asking God for more wisdom. I ask for peace and patience all the time, but He has been prompting me to ask for wisdom. I don't feel any wiser yet. But it's what I need when I consider school options. :)

  2. Schooling is such a tough choice!! I've been debating about sending a couple of mine to school because they are disruptive at home, but I do think they need to be with me more, not less. So I'm changing our homeschool day and how I deal with the behaviors and so far it seems to be working. I agree that praying for wisdom is the best thing to do!

  3. For each of our children, and each of their schools my prayer has always been "Lord you'll have to take care of them when I can't". Which is quite funny really to think I ever had control anyway but that prayer released me from a lot of guilt and worry.
    Hugs for you! And praying for an end to explosive diapers! So glad the garlic oil is working!

  4. Do you have a World Market/ Cost plus store close by? You may be able to find Russian items there. The child that wants the military why don't they go for ROTC? 3 of my kids went on mission trips to Mexico and enjoyed it.

    God bless you all

  5. With over 700 deadly force incidents in chuches since 1999, and over 280 of those resulting in death, I think schools are safer than churches. During the same time period less than 40 incidents resulted in 145ish deaths in American schools and colleges.

  6. It's hard to know what to do. And decisions about military vs college are sometimes tough too. There is also Job Corps which was a good choice for Tyler.

  7. Making choices about school can be so difficult. For what it's worth, try to remember that these random acts of violence are actually very rare.
    I have to say, I think it's great that you are so flexible when it comes to meeting all your kids' educational needs, using public school, charter school and homeschool. Those who experience both home and public school will probably have some great insights into the pros and cons of both, based on their experiences... material for another digest? (hint hint!)

  8. I was homeschooled my entire life and I had a lot of issues in high school because my mom was not able to teach the higher levels of math. You are making a great choice (though a scary one) and I really applaud you for it. You're looking at what the kids need, rather than worrying about what other people might think. It will make a HUGE difference in their lives, let me tell you!

  9. Sorry, the church vs. School shooting was posted by me, it just wouldn't let me sign in. I'm home schooling my kids through high school, but I have the resources available to get them the classes they need. If the commipunity college is not an option, I think you are making the best decision. If this is what your children need academically, then it's great that you are willing to make the step despite enjoying other aspects of home school.

    I hope you don't feel bullied into sending them to public school by faceless internet forum dwellers.

  10. You could try Straighterline.

  11. I have read several books about Rachel Scott, a beautiful Christian girl murdered at Columbine. Knowing how she died, at school where she was supposed to be safe, should be enough to make me terrified of sending my own children there. But Rachel's zest for life, her gentle compassion and her love for the world far overshadows the fear her murder, and those of her schoolmates and teacher, should instill in me. We cannot hide away because if the what ifs. Chances are, these terrible tragedies will not befall us. And we should not hide ourselves away, or refuse to participate. I honestly think the victims of school murders would not like to see fear prevail, we should live our lives to the fullest in their memory, not be fearful like their murderers intended us to be. School will be a wonderful learning experience for the kids, and I am sure they will have a blast.


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