Thursday, April 24, 2014

It is Time

These are spacers.  Not very fun, but necessary.
 (I'm told they make you feel like you have a big piece of meat stuck in your teeth.) 
After an ortho consultation for two of the kids this morning, we went ahead and began treatment.
For Anna, she has a stubborn tooth that just won't come in.  We have waited more than enough time, to see if was just taking its sweet ol' time.  But nope-- it doesn't want to budge, so we are going to help it along.  In two weeks, she will have laser treatment to cut through the gum so the tooth can be pulled up.  She will be fitted for a bottom retainer and braces too.
For Alex, he is now old enough to have phase 1 of his orthodontic work done.  I wanted to wait until he was not only physically old enough, but also mature enough to better understood what was going on.  When they placed the spacers, he immediately wanted to grab them.  Though he wanted to pick them out, I was able to explain to him why he can't.  
He will have 12-15 months of treatment done now, with another phase down the road.
In the next two weeks, he will be fitted with an expander to help widen his upper palate and draw back his front teeth.  He will also wear rubber bands in 4-6 months to bring his lower jaw forward.  All this to correct a severe overbite.  Once this is corrected he should be able to close his mouth naturally, and that will help with his dry mouth and speech.
He is excited and nervous at the same time. 
The neat thing is that the orthodontist, though almost an hour away, is near John's work.  Now the four of us can start getting together for lunch.


  1. My daughter's teeth weren't coming in and we just discovered that she is missing lots of adult teeth, I didn't even know that could happen. She will be our 3rd in braces, with the rest coming up fast.I think I hate braces more than my kids do! I try to always have lunch with them or get frozen yogurt when we have an ortho visit. It sure does make them look forward to it more.

  2. Jasmine is just over half way on her braces. They wanted us to do some work when she was 8 but we decided that the results weren't worth what she would have to go through. Now they are moving teeth over the spot where the cleft was and where there is a tooth out of place due to the gap. She did spacers and the expander. I thought she'd complain a lot and have discomfort but she handled it very well.

  3. What a journey! I hope you like the office, I feel like our orthodontist's assistants are all my friends now. My son, now 8 has been through all that you mentioned with the spacers (not a problem after the first five minutes) and the expander which I struggled with because we had to crank it every other day and it was tricky...we had flashlights and special keys and often my husband ended up getting it done...but now he's had regular braces for 18 months and we're hanging in there... he definitely is a trooper. His mouth is so small it takes longer for them to get his work done...sometimes the orthodontist has to end up doing it after the asst. tried for awhile. that kills me. Anyway, go MOM and won't the lunches with Dad be fun? good thinking!

  4. Hi! My children have had orthodontist treatments. It is very time consuming and expensive and required monthly appointments but the outcome on my children's teeth was well worth the time I invested. Good luck, Pat

  5. Oh man I know exactly what Alex is going through lol, i was terrible with my braces and orthodontic work as soon as id come home from the ortho id pull the spacers out with plastic toothpicks. The thing about it is to make him understand why and what the outcome will be and why its good, because if i could go back and do my braces right i totally would.


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