Sunday, April 13, 2014

Great News!

We are getting closer to meeting our little Natalie Kay!
Last week we received our verbal approval to meet her.  Now our dossier needs to be signed by the minister.  Once we have that, we will be given travel dates-- most likely next month. 
We are so excited!


  1. GREAT NEWS!!! Rejoicing with all of you.

  2. Hi! Good and praise the Lord what a blessing.Pat

  3. Christine, so happy for you and your bunch. It's been awhile since you have had a little girl in the house. This is going to be one loved little lady. Have you posted a picture of her? Somehow I missed it? Does she have special needs? I'm kind of hoping you are adopting another sweetie with DS. Oliver is such a doll and is doing so well. Can't wait to follow along on your latest adventure. Congrats!!!


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