Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Things

What a nice surprise! Our friend Tatyana sent these goodies that she got from her local Russian store.  I sure wish we had a store around here.  Thank you so much!
Andrew enjoys making things with ordinary household items.  He made these bows and arrows with wood skewers, duct tape, and yarn.
Our garden is finally planted.  It will be a treat watching it grow!


  1. My brother enjoys making bows and arrows too, although recently the craze has been swords - carved and painted! :D I love seeing little boys just enjoying being little boys. It's so heart-warming! :)

  2. Napolitanke are actually Croatian cookies. They're yummmmmmy! :-D


  3. Oh goodness, the cookies with the cow on them, Looove them! We ate them alot while in Ukraine. Thanks for sharing your family and life Christine.


  4. Hi! I hope the watermelon seeds grow into very large watermelons.I have had difficulty growing watermelons in our soil. Good luck, Pat


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