Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I gave Oliver a haircut the other night.   Even though it makes him look like such a big boy, he is still little cutie! 
Today we made egg rolls.  Rachel and Annalyn were surprised just how simple they were to make, yet so yummy.  Come time they move out, they will know how to cook for themselves quite well even though they joke that they will be stopping by every day for dinner.   That's fine with me as I enjoy cooking for my family.

Multi-tasking-- finally the imaging center is mailing us a copy of Nolan's CTscan.  Why does it have to be so difficult to get his records?  Three doctors have sent Nolan's records to the cranial facial team with only two more to go.  I hope to have them all by the end of April.  It could happen.
The younger boys see that everyone helps out in the kitchen on different days. 
"When can we help?"
"When is it our turn?"
"What can I do Mom?"
On the day we were making mashed potatoes, they asked to help peel.  They did a great job!
William quartered all the potatoes so they would cook faster.
The conversations that go on during meal preparations are quite interesting.   Kids can be so entertaining!
Nolan had a school program last week.  He did a great job singing.  In fact, he is still humming the tune a week later.


  1. I don't understand. Why does Rachel have a promise ring, but none of your other girls do? Inconsistency much?

  2. I feel so much joy when I see your photos! Rachel is such a beauty, and more importantly, puts off such a sweet disposition. Has she chosen what college she wants to attend? I know all the seniors around here are making their final lists of colleges. I am sure she will want to stay close to home and go to UC Riverside or maybe Cal State San Bernardino. Harvey Mudd out in Claremont is also awesome (it's on my son's list as a reach!).

    Keep up the great work mama!!

  3. Hi! My physician mentioned to me to call ahead to the place that did my child's CT scan and then go there myself and pick up the CT results and do not have them mailed to the physicians office that I need them to go. I wish you luck, Pat

  4. William is sure getting tall. How is he doing with the sensory issues (with food?

  5. Hey Anon, Thanks for stopping by. I can see that you are not a regular reader, or skim most posts. You can read these posts for answers. answers.

    Actually, all of the girls have gotten purity rings and so have Adam and Caleb. Not always given at birthdays, so not always blogged about. Since I blogged about many of them, I figured readers that know me would automatically know that this is something we embrace with all of our children.

  6. Nolan looks so cute :-) what a sweetie!!


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