Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drawings and Doctor Updates

I think the kids' art is wonderful.   I can't believe how much they have improved in the past few weeks.  Everything you see is freehand.  Right now they are doing scenes from the Civil War.
by Sveta
by Galina
by Julia
by Anna
by Annalyn
by Paul
by Andrew
by Anastasia
by William
by Rachel
Today marks exactly two weeks since Andrew first burned himself.  If it wasn't for our amazing neighbors' (the husband is a Physician Assistant) reassurance that he should be fine and I didn't need to rush him to the ER, I think I would have worried myself sick all the way to the hospital. 
Praise the Lord, Andrew is all better!
 Much of the time I used lavender, and purification essential oils.  The last few days I applied Mederma to help with the scarring.
So thankful that he is healed.
Today Dennis and Nolan had physicals.  They have both grown so much this past year.   Nolan received a Hep A shot--  now he is up to date on all vaccines.  He cried for only an instant-- he is such a trooper.  Nolan is going to get an ultrasound of both kidneys since he has occasionally complained of flank pain on the right side in the last few months.  He has never ran a fever, and the pain magically goes away after I rub or kiss his owie, but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Our pediatrician feels the same way, so we will have both kidneys checked out in the next week or so.  Both of the boys will be going to the craniofacial team center early this summer.  This team will include an ENT that will be Nolan's third opinion.  I am hopeful that this fresh set of eyes will bring answers since his ongoing ear issues are merely managed, not fixed.  Though it might still be a few years before the boys have their next major facial surgery, it brings me peace to have them regularly checked on.


  1. The drawings are really good.

    Jasmine meets with her craniofacial team this summer. She has braces to pull the teeth across the cleft, but unless he wants to pull the lip back up where it's drooping, they've really done as much as they can do for her. The neck is just going to having webbing. Not going through that a third time.

  2. Great news on Andrew! Do have him be careful in the sun for the next year or so, as that area will be much more sensitive to sunburn, and sunburn itself can be more damaging on a previously burned area. What a blessing to have a PA/medical experts so close!

  3. Wow, the art is fantastic!! Are you using an art program to teach them?

  4. Hi! The artwork is beautiful. The children have really developed their talents. Pat

  5. Im an illustrator myself, I've done a few comic books and some children's books and I gotta admit some of the drawings the kids did really came out great.

    Are any of them looking to further develop their skills and perhaps pursue a career in art?


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