Friday, April 11, 2014

another day of Spring life

Dennis' and Alex's homework included a project this week. Not a "cut and dry here's how you do it" project, but a "try and be as creative as you can with a paper bag" kind of project. The kind I am absolutely no good at.   But I didn't want to let the boys down, so I pulled out the paper bags and began cutting.  Once the paper bags had holes cut out for the arms and neck and resembled vests, I asked the boys to pick out an animal.   Alex had his heart set on an alligator so I went to work on coloring scales all over the bag.  Dennis picked out his animal earlier in the week-- Misty our dog.  He already had something in mind, so while he worked on his vest, I helped Alex with his.
Naturally, Nolan wanted his own vest, so I cut one out for him.  However, he chose to draw a house and people all over his vest.  :)
Alex and I have been working on reading, phonics, and spelling everyday for the last month.  This week I have seen a huge jump in his comprehension-- like something is finally clicking.  I am so excited for him.  The key has been working on things that are at his level, not the level that he is expected to be at.  That has been the trouble with his homework.  It is at his grade level, but he is not working at grade level.   Also, we are going over the same concepts over and over and over rather than moving on as soon as he appears to grasp something.  Otherwise, he forgets and we are back to square one having to reteach him concepts he knew the previous month.   I am still waiting on the results of his recent evaluation to see if there is a specific learning disability, so he can get the right help he needs to be successful.
The younger boys are asking to help out in the kitchen.  As much as I appreciate their wanting to help, it is not necessarily easier when they help.  Yes, he may be helping to grate the cheese, but the clean-up is twice as much and there is nothing like wiping up grated cheese off the counter.
Still, it is worth taking the time because allowing the younger kids to help boosts their confidence and sense of pride in a job well done.
Oliver's new favorite word is no.  Actually, he shakes his head at everything. 
Do you want to go inside? 
Please come here.
It's naptime.
Do you want a bite?
To all that, he shakes his head no.
At dinner tonight, he made his typical "That's yucky" face and shook his head no.
Fine.  I didn't force it.  He'll eat when he is hungry.
Sure enough when he saw the chocolate chip cookies for dessert, he was hungry.
First he had to eat at least half of his dinner.  He did... reluctantly... eyeing the cookie the whole time.
After he ate his food,  he got a cookie.
 A nice chocolaty cookie.
Andrew's burn is doing so much better. 
Tonight I took the girls over to the clubhouse to sit in the hot tub.  A few of them swam in the pool when they got too hot.  It was a nice way to spend the evening.


  1. Your home is so full of activity! We have a little one who is busy saying no all the time here, too. :)

  2. It is so much easier to do it yourself, but they will NEVER learn. I remember my youngest daughter and her friend thought it would be a nice gesture to make my friend some brownies as she had surgery. Then they thought because it was St Patrick's Day they would put green icing on them.........and I mean GREEN!!! I came home and there was green icing everywhere.......walls........counter......floor......everywhere. They told me they pulled the beaters out of the bowl while they were still running :-( They took the brownies with this vile green icing to my friend and went to play. I was NOT HAPPY!!!! So I had them both come inside to clean it all up. They moaned and groaned, but they would never know what a pain it was if I had cleaned it up....right?? They have to learn how it all works. Good for you for being patient and teaching them. Your kids are great!!

    Marilyn from Canada (stil in Arizona for a few more weeks:-) )

  3. Hi! My children love to help out in the kitchen. It does get messy with them helping but it is a lot of fun.Pat

  4. Try putting a few paper towels under the plate when the kids grate cheese. That will catch most of the pieces.


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