Friday, March 14, 2014

Warmer Weather

The sun is out. The weather is warmer. The trees have leaves on them.   And that means that the kids are itching to be outside.  Every time I turn around, they are outside.
Since John took them to a few new skate parks in neighboring cities, the kids have gotten back into skate boarding.  For the first time, Paul is able to drop down into the ramp that we have here at home.
Way to go Paul!
Cousin Matt is here for a visit.  The kids sure enjoy it when he is here.
I will often find Galina bouncing around a volley ball.
The boys enjoy their time they get to play the Wii.  As soon as the whining starts though, it gets turned off.  They got in fifteen good minutes. ~~smiling.
Alex and Oliver have been like two peas in a pod lately.  When that happens, I can usually find Nolan and Dennis playing together more.  It's pretty neat how that happens.
Our dossier has made it safely to the country we are adopting from.


  1. Hi! I am glad your adoption is moving on smoothly. I have heard from our Ukraine friend's at church that adoptions maybe slow moving if Russia gets involved in the Ukraine.Pat

  2. We have the same rules at our house about video games... as soon as I hear cranky voices or whining they're done. They made it about a half hour this morning. ;)


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