Friday, March 28, 2014

Over Spring Break

One of my greatest desires outside of each of my children having a deep relationship with God, is to have a close relationship with one another.  Ministry begins in the home with love, patience, and forgiveness.  Deliberately pursuing friendships with each other beyond "merely" being siblings is a continual message I give to my children. 
It's not always easy, so it warms my heart when I see my kids hanging out together just because.
Here is Julia and Jonny hanging out. 
After 4 visits to the doctor, Andrew is over his periorbital cellulitis.   So thankful that he made such a speedy recovery.  He is back to his "spunky" self.
Actually, he is on his way up to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend along with five of the other kids.   And my Mom took Anna, Sveta, and Anastasia to spend a few days with her and my Aunt Tanya. 
It will certainly be quieter around here for the next day or two.
And isn't that funny?  With nine of the kids gone, the house feels empty-- even with eight kids here.
The boys are spending a lot of their time skateboarding.  Caleb is even talking about building a second half pipe.  The kids that aren't skating like to open this window in the living room to watch.
Last night we made vegan ribs.  You can find the recipe here.  We have been eating and cooking all different kinds of beans, breads, and vegetables so I thought it would be fun to try something new.  We served creamed corn, rice pilaf, and a salad made with kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cranberries, and pepitas.
I am proud to say that every person at the dinner table last night tried the ribs.  A few of the kids went back for seconds and two of them ate five or six ribs each.
However, they weren't that great, so I doubt we will be making them again.  I will however be making this mac and cheese recipe again.
I almost forgot to mention that I made homemade coconut bars that are dairy free.  They were a huge hit!  I mixed up a can of coconut milk with almond milk and a little vanilla and sugar.  I threw in some shredded coconut too.
The end result was delicious!
A few of us have been under the weather over here.  Nothing big, just allergies and cold symptoms that have been lasting a few days for each person, so I am thankful for that.  Out of all of us, poor Oliver has had the stuffiest nose.  Deliberating whether or not to take him to the doctor, I finally gave him a saline rinse to see if it might make a difference.  Having just had a course of antibiotics a little over a month ago, I don't want to start him on another course if it is not necessary.  Within a minute of giving him the saline drops, he sneezed.  It was one huge sneeze as you can see by the evidence on my shirt. 
Since this giant sneeze, Oliver has been able to breathe so much better.   Yay!
Our house is filled with music throughout the day.  I feel pretty lucky.
Caleb and Oliver took a nice afternoon nap on the couch.
I told you it was quiet.


  1. You might see if your doctor will prescribe a suction machine for Oliver. We have one to help our kiddo who cannot blow her nose and it helps so much to clear out stuff when she is struggling with her breathing.

  2. Hi! The picture of your son holding Oliver is so cute. Oliver is getting so big. Take care, Pat

  3. I couldn't help but think which vegetables have ribs. :) Then I was going to ask if you used peanut butter or tahini, then saw the jar in your hands. :)

    Yay for Andrew being better!

  4. Well THAT was one big sneeze!!!! I hope everyone is better soon. We are in Arizona for a couple of months enjoying the nice warm days and my allergies are terrible!!!! Everything is coming into bud and flower and when the wind blows.........we cough and sneeze.....eyes and nose runs..........better than the very cold winter we had though :-) your kids are lovely and John have, and are doing, an amazing job. Lucky kids!!!

    Marilyn from Canada (now in Arizona :-) )

  5. so good to see andrew's infection went away, we actually had a scare on my end over here. My fiancé' woke up with a swollen eye and severe sinus pressure on her one side, and whatever caused the infection caused her ear canal and ear drum to swell up and she lost a percentage of her hearing on that side. Unfortunately despite the antibiotics and steroids used to bring down the swelling, she hasn't regained her hearing and now needs a hearing aid. It was heartbreaking when she asked me if I'd still love her if she had to wear a hearing aid, to which i responded, "If you were bald, fat, and had only one eye, id still think you were the most beautiful girl on the planet!"

  6. And btw Christine you look fantastic, despite the boogers on your shirt lol, you can really tell that whatever you did or are doing to get in shape is really working! :)


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