Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No Fun Sinus Infection

Andrew had a very rough night.  He was up every few hours and eventually vomited because of taking meds on a virtually empty stomach.  I got him to eat some cold cereal around 2 am and by 3 he had finally dozed off.  This is how he looks today-- but overall he is feeling better.  His right eye is nearly swollen shut and his forehead is very swollen above his eyebrow but he is not in excruciating pain.  He is blowing his nose a lot less too-- a good sign that the antibiotics are working.
Thank you for your prayers. 


  1. Oh my goodness. The poor baby! May God's healing be quick.

  2. Miserable! Hang in there Andrew!

  3. Poor Andrew! Praying he feels better quickly.

  4. Wow. I've had sinus infections, but never one like that with swelling! That must be awful.

    Poor kid.


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