Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Spring and the Kids are Blossoming

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Adam came into the kitchen announcing it. I didn't know until right then. 
He proceeded to walk around the table where we were all working, pinching us if we weren't wearing green.
Do green eyes count?
Dennis, Alex, and Nolan have taken a big brother interest in Oliver-- more so than before.
"Oliver wants some water."
"Can I get Oliver some Cheerios?"
"I think Oliver is done with that."
"Can Oliver go outside with us?"
"Oliver wants to watch Veggie Tales."
It really warms my heart to see all of their relationships blooming.  They not only have taken him under their wings, but they also play with him much more.  Oliver will play swords with them.  He will also sit and "pretend" to play the Wii with a controller in his hand. 
Jonny lost one of his molars.  Thankfully, I saw the tooth fairy visit him just as I was waking him up for school this morning.
We continue to eat mostly vegetarian, however, I am slowly cooking up the meat that is still in the deep freeze.  I cooked up nearly seven pounds of hamburger into cotlyeti and split it up into three meals.  The kids love them so much that we would normally eat all of them in one meal, but with more veggies on our plate, I was able to stick 2/3 of the cutlets into the freezer for later meals.
William doesn't really care for them, so I suggested that he take some of the meat before I mix it up and set it aside to make a burger.  He was so excited!  He learned to shape and fry up his own burger. 
The kids are all into playing the Cat's Cradle, and Jacob's Ladder.


John took eleven of the kids to the skateboard park over the weekend.  Uncle Jack joined them.  It was a hot day, so when the ice-cream truck went by he surprised them all with treats.  Nolan picked one out that left his whole face dyed blue! 
We are so proud of Caleb!  As you know he was accepted into UCR-- but that was pretty much all we knew.  He attended an event there recently- and was really pumped up.  He isn't 100% sure it is the college he will choose, but he is definitely leaning that way.  This past week he found out that he can change his major from mechanical to computer engineering.  That's a plus.  He was also awarded the Highlander Scholarship which is $2000 each year.  That's another plus.
Can't wait to see what he decides.
Adam is finishing up his second quarter of college this week.  One of his finals was on Saturday.  He thinks he did well. :)
Three of the girls are taking the CAHSEE this week.  Then next week is Spring Break.
Speaking of Spring Break, Andrew was running a fever one day last week.
In all seriousness he asked me, "Have you heard of Spring Fever, Mom?  Do you think I have it?"
Last night I went to the store with Rachel, Anna, and Galina.  As I was walking down the shoe aisle looking for a pair of sandals for Oliver, I heard Rachel say, "My daughter is not going to wear shoes like this."  She showed me a pair of toddler, gold, high heeled sandals.
As we continued to shop, Rachel told me that her daughter is not going to wear make-up or date until she is eighteen.
It's funny how now that she is older, she is beginning to think differently.
Funny how, I am still asking her to tone down her make-up, yet her daughter will not be allowed.
It made for an interesting conversation.
As we passed the underwear and bra area, Rachel told me that life was so much easier back when I just picked out and bought all of the girls' bras for them.
I asked, "Easier for who?" ;)
On the way home, I had Rachel drive the big van.
For old time's sake, she bought a bag of Hershey chocolates and I unwrapped one and popped it into her mouth.  All the while, Anna was in the seat behind me reaching over for the bag on the middle console.  "Please give me one Mom."  "Give you what?" I teased as I watched her reach for about a minute.
Galina was content eating her Nerds.
Who knew a shopping trip at nine o'clock at night could be so fun?


  1. I love those spontaneous times!
    And.... "Spring Fever" ROFL.

    That is so cute. :)
    Happy Spring!

  2. Seems like they are all growing up all at once with college and driver's licenses etc. Isn't it funny to have a toddler and a college student at the same time? Our age spread is 23 down to 8. 30 if you count my step daughter, but we didn't raise her.

  3. Hi! I find that the most fun shopping trips with my daughters is in the early morning. The store is not real crowded and we have time to talk and look at clothes together. I will miss the early morning shopping trips with my daughters when they get married or move away for college but for now I enjoy them , Pat

  4. With all those growing boys I am curious what sorts of vegetarian meals you have been making that are filling? We've been going meatless 1-2 days a week and I still struggle to find meals that are really hearty enough for my husband to enjoy without looking for a snack an hour later.

  5. In the last pictue Jonny is so very much alike Caleb! :)

  6. Wow! Congratulations Caleb on the scholarship!
    Love the girls night out. Hope you enjoy your spring break and no spring fever!


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