Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hide and Seek

The younger kids are in bed or so I thought. They were tucked in over an hour ago.  A few minutes after I told the older kids to get ready for bed, they came into my room holding a brush with lotion all over it.  I guess Nolan has been quietly doing his hair in the bathroom. 
Yup, I just checked his hair and it is nice and greasy.
I'm back.  Nolan just had his hair rinsed out.
Moving on.
The kids are into playing hide and seek right now.  Even the older girls like Sveta, Annalyn, and Julia will play.  They usually play when the younger boys have gone to bed because let's face it, no one likes their hiding spots pointed out in the middle of the game. 
It's not just themselves that they hide either.  Jonny came up with the idea of hiding chocolate gold coins that he buys when I go to Winco.  He hides them and the other kids go crazy looking for them.  Unfortunately, at nearly $6 a pound, they realized that they had to switch to something more affordable.  At $4 a pound, they are now hiding miniature Hershey bars.
I wonder how long it will take before that gets old.
On the adoption front, our I-800a came in the mail on Monday.  John and I went and notarized all of our documents that night.  The next morning, I went with two of the kids to downtown L.A. to have everything apostilled.  That was fun.  Not.  Downtown traffic was awful, as was the parking.  It would have probably helped had I been three blocks down, but we got in a brisk mile walk without even trying.  Wednesday I mailed off our dossier and so now we wait. 
And we all know how hard waiting is.  At least for me it is.
Meanwhile, someone from church who doesn't even really know us, has blessed us with lots of girl clothes.  How wonderful is that!  I am very thankful.
We also received another donation tonight.  Thank you for being a part of our daughter's journey home.
Today was Oliver's transition meeting.  Since he is turning three this June, the local school district will be taking over his education.  He will no longer have a teacher coming out to our home twice a week.  I am so sad about this because his teacher is such a sweet and thoughtful lady.  I adore her and so does Oliver.  He will soon be tested for speech and occupational therapy.  I will take him and wait while he receives his therapies but I will not be putting him in school for at least another year and probably longer.
Come time he is ready for kindergarten, my desire is for Oliver to be mainstreamed.  If you have a child with DS and they are mainstreamed, I would love to hear how they are doing.
Caleb got accepted to UC Riverside.


  1. Hello Reed family. What a blessing to know you as a family and know that out of 17 kids you have adopted 11 of them. Who does such a worthy thing need the real heart of Jesus and looking at your family the Lord has given you His heart. I am blessed to know you and would really love to visit your family God willing if I am in the States in June/ July 3014. You have encouraged and inspired me so much with your love for the Orphans, weak, afflicted and destitute. I would like to be in touch with you and keep praying for you. I am from Mumbai, India and I am in the Pastoral ministry for last 34yrs. My email id is: dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. May the Lord meet all your needs while taking care of a family of such children who are the reflection of God and HIS Love.

  2. Congrats to Caleb. What will his major be?

  3. WAY TO GO CALEB!!!! Will he be playing sports in college?? I had been meaning to ask what sports he does play, he's in phenomenal shape.

    I can totally imagine how proud you must be, my family is going nuts with excitement over the fact that my little cousin just got drafted by the New York Mets

  4. Oh, you are SO lucky to have a big family! When we used to have the Russian School the kids could play hide and seek for hours around the church. I wish I'd had that idea for hiding goodies to share with them!

    Another game they played which looked like the most fun ever - wish I could remember the name - was a variant. When someone found the person hiding, rather than "tell", they'd hide with them, until there were only a couple of kids left. This seemed to be the most fun of all....and since my office building was a former convent with lots of little rooms and closets, it was the perfect place. I secretly wished I could play, too.

  5. Christine! My niece and nephew with DS, now 21 and 25, were both started out mainstreamed with no problems. You will likely find a year when it isn't feasible anymore, around third grade, and then you can look and see what other options there are. But definitely the early grades are totally possible. As Oliver ages it will become more clear what he is happy with and then you will have to take the school district's offerings into account and it will come together...but that will be then. Transitioning from the home visits is hard...they are special teachers who get to do that. :) Oliver is doing so well. Truly, a large family is just bonus for a kid with DS. You are a wonderful mom... many many blessings.


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