Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex turned nine years old today.   What a big boy!
For dinner we had pizza.  
Rachel made his cake.  Look- his candles are the colors of Ukraine.
It always amazes me how much it means to the kids to be sung to and to be able to blow out the candles.  No birthday would ever be complete without this.
Alex appeared mesmerized by the candles. 
After opening his gifts, Alex thought he was done.  That was when we had him, Nolan, and Dennis close their eyes for his big present.  Afterall, we didn't want his younger brothers seeing what he got before he did. 
Alex got a new set of wheels to ride on outside with his brothers.  It is called a Ziggle, and boy is it cool!  Hoping it would be better than the plasma car that he used to have, it did not disappoint.  It is so smooth and fast!  And now he can join in right along with his brothers when they are out riding their scooters and bikes.

Happy birthday Alex! 


  1. Hi! That bike seems so cool. Where did you get it?Have a great day Birthday Boy, Pat

  2. Happy Birthday ! He is absolutely Gorgeous !

  3. Happy Birthday !! He is absolutely gorgeous 💙💛

  4. I am loving these blog header pictures, especially this one of everybody! (I think).


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