Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Amazing Generosity for Natalie Kay

 Three years ago I was asked to speak at a local mother's group.  New to the area, I figured this would be a way to not only share my passion of adoption, but to meet other moms.  Vanessa who is in the red, happened to come to the meeting for the first time when I happened to be speaking.  However, I know it was not just a casual happening, but an amazing plan for God to introduce us to each other.
  We met for coffee a few days later and have been friends ever since. 
One thing that I love about her is that though we are very different, we both share the same passion of caring for orphans.  Her and her husband David have always encouraged and supported us, so when I told her that we were adopting again, I had no doubt she would be excited for us.  That is what true friendship is all about.
What I did not know was that she came up with the idea of blessing our family by helping us fundraise.  She asked if she could help organize an adoption dinner and live auction to help bring our daughter home.
Completely humbled by her outpouring of love and generosity, we accepted.
Her desire was to raise at least $5000 towards our soon to be daughter's adoption costs.
Sunday, March 9th was the big day.
From the moment we set foot in the door and were greeted by warm smiling faces, we could tell by the detail and overall atmosphere that the evening was going to be a special one.  
How could it not be?
Obviously, we aren't the only ones that are excited for our daughter to come home!
 Since Vanessa was moved by Dennis' adoption video when she first watched it three years ago, we brought Dennis to the dinner.  We brought Adam because he is the oldest of the kids.  Julia was willing to speak about the time she traveled with us to adopt Alex.  During light conversation someone asked John why we didn't bring the all the kids.  He pointed to the 60 person maximum on the wall... enough said LOL.  Besides, my Mom was home with them.
The dinner was a delicious Mediterranean spread including chicken kebobs with garlic sauce, tabouli, falafel, pita bread, hummus, baba ganoush, salad, green olives, and so much more!  Dennis particularly liked the baklava for dessert.

 Here are the hosts, David and Vanessa.
 It was very touching to see so many people come to show their support.  It was wonderful getting the chance to meet new people.  It was fun talking with one of the guests who also came from a large family.  Another guest shared that she is originally from the same country as our soon to be daughter.
Everyone was so friendly.
The array of donations to be auctioned off were quite impressive.  Their presentation was just beautiful!  As I read each description of what was donated, it hit home that there are lots of people who do care for orphans.  My friend Vanessa went out of her way to talk to lots of people in the community about adoption and orphan care, and I rejoice that her message was so well received.  
Here are the donations that were live auctioned.

The donation for the gold canyon candles did not come in.  No biggie-- the auctioneer auctioned off the white gift bag.  "....this white plain bag just waiting to be personalized." 
It was fun to see it go for $30.

I had a blast watching the auction.  At the end, a bottle of champagne on ice was auctioned off.  The winner shared it at his table.  I thought that was cool.
As if the dinner and auction was not enough, we were graciously sent home with most of the leftovers.  For me, that meant not having to cook twice!
In the morning I got a phone call.
Vanessa was excited to share the grand total that was raised.
Drum roll please.....
Praise the Lord!
The adoption of Natalie Kay is fully funded!
Thank you to all who helped make this possible. 
 Every penny that has been given on her behalf is a generous love offering toward bringing her into our forever family.
Words cannot adequately express our appreciation.
Be blessed as you have blessed us.


  1. What a beautiful event, and a lovely, generous idea.

  2. Oh wow! What a beautiful act of love, so thoughtfully done... and wow! My jaw dropped when I saw the amount raised. So wonderful. God is amazing.

  3. God is so good! God is in the mircle making business, we just have to look into the eyes of our children to know that. The beauty of a beach sunset, the laughter of a child that was forgotten in an home but now brought into her forever home. God knows. I am so excited to be able to see this thru and get to know Natlie Kay from your blog.

  4. I am tingling with excitement! What a gift your friend has for creating that beautiful welcoming atmosphere. Your daughter is, of course, so very worth it and I can't WAIT to see her come home to your family. God is so powerful why does it always amaze us? But it does! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your story!I believe people come into our life for a reason.
    Blessings to your wonderful family!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story! I believe people come into our life for a reason!
    Blessings to your family!

  7. I am SO happy for you guys! What an awesome friend!

  8. Wow! That is so amazing. What wonderful friends!

  9. I am so excited for you and your family. What a blessing your friends are, and what a terrific idea they had! I am smiling just thinking about this. And, I am especially happy that you chose the name Natalie for her. My granddaughter Natalie likes it, too!

    So, now comes the waiting. I hope it goes by quickly.


  10. This is sooo wonderful - congratulations, what a blessing :)I don't even know you, except through reading your blog faithfully every time, but this made me all teary eyed. I hope Natalie Kay will be home very soon! Many blessings to you and your lovely family.

  11. Awesome!! So happy for your family, and what a wonderful friend!

  12. WOW!!!!!! That is so wonderful! I can't wait to "meet" your new daughter!

  13. That is so amazing, Christine. God has truly shown his love to your little daughter. And the faith that you had at the beginning that he would bring her home is inspiring to me, but is also so scary. We want to adopt from Eastern Europe, but we know we don't have the money and the thought of setting out to pursue a child only to not have the money in time makes me want to not even start. But then I see stories like this and it seems possible. The truth of the matter is that God loves his children and will provide even if I'm scared and don't have the money at the beginning of the journey to bring one home.

  14. How exciting and wonderful to see how God works.

  15. Wow! That just chokes me up with such happy emotion!!! God bless!

  16. What an amazing wonderful friend you have!!!

  17. Hi! This is great and a real blessing. Pat

  18. Woww. That is wonderful!! And what a beautiful beautiful name for your new daughter. So excited for you all!!


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