Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Self Expression

My Mom has started this thing.   The kids just know that when Baboonya comes they will be baking.  She has managed to get all the kids involved.
 We love you Mom.  We love all the goodies you bake.  Whether it be English muffins, bagels, soft pretzels, cream cheese and fruit pastries, peroshki, or potato rolls-- they are all delicious and we are spoiled. (Julia made the apron.)

Oliver is making so much progress in every area.  Just tonight he was signing Daddy when John came home from work as he was making the D sound. 
I know that it has a lot to do with Oliver's most amazing teacher named Kim.  We all love her.  She comes to the house twice a week to work with him. 
Annalyn shows her creative side while taking a break from forensic science.
Nolan is really artistic.  At just five years old he is drawing farm animals on farms.  It is uncommon to not see a pencil in his hand.  He can literally sit for hours and draw and write and color.  And when he is not drawing, he is doing a puzzle. :)
This seems to be a new style for Oliver.
I forgot to mention some exciting news in our house.  We have two new drivers!
Rachel and Julia both took their behind the wheel driving test last week, and passed!
When I went to add them to our insurance, I was pleasantly surprised by the minimal added cost.
Naturally, from the moment they got their licenses, they both began asking me when they could do their first solo drive.  For some reason, this was very hard for me to let them do.  Am I the only one?
 Rachel drove to and from work by herself over the weekend.  And Julia drove to youth group tonight.  There.  It's done.  Crazy how now that this first solo drive is over, I feel so much more comfortable with them driving.  It is so weird.  I was the same way with Adam and Caleb.


  1. Hi! When my older children drove for the first time solo it was very hard for me. I worried about them and thought about all the bad things that could happen to them. I had to let go of my negative thoughts and put my trust in the Lord and He has not let me down yet.Pat

  2. Hate the solo driving thing. All our kids are licensed now and they've all gone solo, even Hannah.

  3. Oh, no! My daughter is still in the middle of her year of permit driving and it has been so hard to drive with her. I hadn't even thought of how hard it will be to send her off that first time without my extra set of eyes in the passenger seat. Thanks for the warning!


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