Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rachel, Annalyn, Galina, and Andrew

So after what seems like forever to the kids, I am finally updating the side pictures on the blog and in our home.   After all, they have changed so much in the last year or two that before I know it, they will all be grown up!  
I'm taking extra time with these photos to make it fun for the kids, so I am going to do only a few at a time.  If you haven't noticed, I am also having fun changing the blog header every now and then.



Rachel is my oldest daughter.  She is mature and responsible.  Rachel is hardworking and enjoys being around people.  Her smile is sweet and her eyes warm.   She is easily embarrassed.  She enjoys a good burger.  She is talented in nails, hair, and make-up but doesn't see herself doing it as a profession.  She likes music but doesn't openly sing.  Rachel doesn't like to touch raw meat unless it is bacon.  She is a bacon kind of girl, and is usually the one to fry it up when we have it.  Rachel prefers watching movies over  playing games, and rollerblading to the park over going to the beach.  Her heart is pure, and she is  trustworthy in every aspect.  She is an amazing young woman!
Andrew is a handsome young man.  He is so smart.  He gets things done.  He is curious about many things mostly science related.  He has learned to make a fire with a water bottle, and with a battery and a gum wrapper.  He is quite the drawer.  Not shy, he is willing to take a chance.  Andrew is charismatic and outgoing.  He is outspoken and funny.  He still likes to cuddle.   I wish he liked a more variety of foods.
Annalyn has blossomed.  She has her own style.  She is artistic and her bedroom shows it.  With collages all over her walls, it is no wonder she has taken an interest in photography.  She is a reader.  A dreamer.  She is tenderhearted.  She means well.  Annalyn loves to write.  She knows it sounds strange, but she likes to wash glass dishes.  She is quick to forgive.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!
Galina, Galina, Galina.  Out of all of our girls, she has grown up the fastest.  On one hand it makes me kind of sad knowing that I missed out on so much of her life in the beginning, but on the other hand, I am in awe of how God has been working in her life.  She is smart, outgoing, and energetic!  She is a good listener.  She is a great dancer.  She loves to bake! 


  1. The pictures are beautiful! I love them.
    I always have a hard time telling Andrew and Johnny apart. Is that Andrew in the photos? Does Johnny always wear glasses?

  2. You have a beautiful family! I have noticed the changes in blog headers and I wondered where your girls were!

  3. Beautiful pictures of some lovely children, inside and out!

  4. I realized, reading this, something I guess I always knew that makes me feel connected to you - you so clearly love your adopted children with the same love as your bio children - and every child shines out for you as unique and beautiful. This post is such an illustration of that. What beautiful children! Annalyn is elegant, Rachael so beautiful, Andrew clearly a sweetie and Galina - what personality! She has found her style! I love the way the green in her eyes is connected to her sweater and earrings - great photography!!!

  5. Hi! I love hearing about your children. What a blessing they are to you and you to them. Pat

  6. They are all growing up so fast. So many teens.

    The girls are blossoming.

  7. I like to wash glass dishes too. :)

  8. I agree with Nellie 100%! I also love that your kids are involved in your blog. I love that they take an interest in it.
    I appreciate you.


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