Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mom's Retreat

This weekend is the mother's retreat. We have been here in Oxnard since Friday afternoon.  The beach is walking distance from the house. 
The women I am with are absolutely amazing.  A few of the ladies have come the last few years, but for most of them, this is their first time.  Some have traveled from Texas and as far away as North Carolina, so it is real treat to spend time with them.
Here I am with Jennifer on the left and Tatyana on the right.  I met Jennifer and her wonderful family back in 2009 when we were adopting Alex.  One of her daughters were in the same groupa as Alex.  After all these years, we have kept in touch, but only now have we been able to meet up again.  I met Tatyana in 2012 when we were adopting Nolan and Oliver.  Her and her husband were also adopting two boys and we met up a few times in Independence Square.
Bother of their families are amazing and I have been blessed to get to know them better.
Christie is on the right in the blue.  After many years of talking to her via phone and email, we finally meet.

We went on a long walk and came upon all of these seagulls.  "On you mark. Get set. Go!"  Christie and I took off running.  We chased those birds back and forth just for the fun of it.

The weekend has been so therapeutic.  Healing.  Rejuvenating.  Relaxing.  Energizing.
I have had the chance to get reacquainted with old friends and make new ones.  Though it is not limited to only adoptive Moms, this time we happen to all share the common bond of adoption.  We have laughed, cried, and reaffirmed and comforted each other.
Last night we all went out to dinner.  It was nice to have someone else do the cooking and waiting.

One thing that has been very encouraging to me is to know that there are women who live to build up rather than tear down.  We are all different.  We are all unique.  Each of do things a little differently.  And some of us are thrilled to learn a thing or two from each other.  I am gleaning so much wisdom from these Moms. 
Now if you'll excuse me, lunch is ready.


  1. So a b bunch of kid collectors meet to cry together. Sounds like oodles of fun. @@

  2. Thank you for all the effort you go to to arrange this; I am still the better for having been there last year.

  3. Looks a lot of fun. And you are looking STUNNING.

  4. It was nice to see a recent picture of Christie. I have followed her journey to bring her "little women" home..miss her blog though! So great that you were able to connect with so many strong Mommas!

  5. Hi! I think all the women who attended the retreat are awesome because they took the time to meet other women who could support each them not tear them down. You all Rock in my eyes, Pat

  6. First anon--it's not just adoptive parents or parents of large families who need support. Everyone does. And if you're strong enough that you don't, great, be an encourager for someone else. There are enough haters in the world.

  7. So great that you had this! By the way, how do your daughters feel about having a mom that doesn't look much older than them. You are looking amazing :)

  8. Kid Collectors? Why I haven't collected a new kid in nearly 3 years! :)

    We had a wonderful time! We laughed so hard we cried.

    Naomi, my new blog is:

    Thank you so much Christine for putting this together. Awesome ladies! You rock!


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