Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little Girl

There is a little girl that I think of often.   Though she is not legally our daughter yet, I wish with all my heart that she will soon be.
We've seen videos of her.  She is a dainty little thing.  In the video she looks so lost, but her eyes penetrate my soul.  She doesn't seem to have the desire to smile, laugh, and enjoy life.... yet.   I yearn to scoop her up and never let her go.
We've even chosen a beautiful name for her.
So where are we in the process?
Well, that is pretty amazing in itself.  We are much further along than I thought we would be at this point.  Our dossier is finished and we have been fingerprinted for our immigration approval.  All we are waiting on is the official word from our immigration officer that we have been approved.  That should come in the next week.
After that, all of our paperwork will be apostilled and then it will be sent off for translation.
If everything continues to flow as quickly as it has been, we should be able to travel in April or May to meet this sweetheart.
We thank you for the last few donations that have come in.  We are blessed by the beautiful words of encouragement that some of you have sent.  We covet your prayers through this process.
To answer your questions, no we are not adopting a second child.  I'm not sure if John will travel with me on this first trip.  We hope to have her home in the fall.  We are still fundraising.
February is a special month.  Can you guess why?  This little munchkin is turning three.  I wish I could be there with her.  I wish she could be surrounded by people who adore her.  I wish she could be mesmerized by the light of a few birthday candles.
For now, I think about her... dream about her... and do what I can to bring her one step closer to home.   If you feel led to help with the costs of getting her home, you can make a tax deductible donation to:


  1. Beautiful! I know you will cherish every smile and moment with her. Praying she is safe and cared for while you wait to bring her home!

  2. Congrats she is beautiful and I'm sure you and your family will bring smiles to her face and her to yours.

    We will be praying for your journey.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  3. Aww - such a sweet heart. I just know she'll blossom when she comes home!

  4. She is so beautiful, but looks so sad. How anxious you must be to bring her home and put a smile on her face. Your entire family is beautiful and I enjoy reading your blog -- though I usually never comment.

  5. Hi! Your new child is such a cutie. Her and Oliver could be best pals. Good luck, Pat


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