Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Julia

Julia blew out sixteen candles this weekend!
It took her at least five breaths because the candles were so spaced apart.
A few days ago, I took Julia out to birthday shop.  She wanted a bible carrying case and some new shirts.  We ate dinner at Five Guys Burgers.

Galina got Julia a Thor poster.  Alex and Dennis were a bit jealous.
Nolan put lots of his school work in a Golden Graham's box to give to Julia for her birthday.  It was very cute.
Caleb and Taylar gave Julia a big container of Nesquik plus a gallon of milk.  It is Julia's favorite drink.  She plans to serve chocolate milk at her wedding.

Julia and Oliver


  1. Happy Birthday Julia! I think Nolan gift was so cute.Pat

  2. Congrats. The kids are growing up so fast.


    Cottage Making Mommy


  3. Happy Sweet Sixteen, Julia!


  4. Happy birthday to a very talented and others-centered young lady!


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