Sunday, February 2, 2014

Continually Making Progress

A month or two ago, Nolan tried out a bone conduction headband to help with his hearing.  It was hard getting him to wear it because he said it hurt him, so I returned it.  Since the plan was for him to get his assistive communication device through school immediately and have surgery for the bone anchored hearing aid down the road I wasn't too concerned. 
  However three months later... the school is taking forever.  I don't even want to get started on that. 
Nolan is on a roll...learning so much right now, I do not want that to stop.  
The whole school situation made me seriously reconsider the head band, and so I went ahead and reordered it-- for keeps.  Just like before, Nolan keeps asking to take it off, but I am encouraging him to wear it at least five or six hours a day right now.
Oliver loves being with his big brother.   He enjoys looking at books, and is showing an interest in puzzles.  He is making more and more progress closing the gap from where he first tested a year and a half ago to his actual age.  Oliver's teacher says he is at the 15-18 month age level with scatters at 19 months.
Tonight we made fish tacos.  The special sauce made with mayo, pickles, onions, and garlic added a special touch.  They were so good, that there were no leftovers!

Grandma and Grandpa are down for a visit.
This is Julia's birthday weekend.  Tonight she wanted to make ranger cookies for ice-cream sandwiches.
The adoption is going well.  Immigration has received our paperwork.  The country we are adopting from has officially received our commitment documents for our little girl.
I am hoping to kick off a new fundraiser for February.


  1. Me and my fiancé are going to save a little and help contribute to your next adoption, i can't promise it will be a lot, me and her dont have much money, we're 2 silly kids lol but the both of us admire you guys so much with the love you show these kids. So I hope I can help out even a little.

    Keep it up Christine and take care of them babies!!

    God Bless

    -Ray Mazzilli

  2. Also, 2 summers ago my best friend passed away from a serious illness and me and his wife have have raised money each year to give out an art scholarship in his name at the high school we graduated from. Im going to find out who she did the fundraiser through, we were able to raise $35,000 which we split between last year and this years scholarships. I'll get you that information ASAP

    -Ray Mazzilli

  3. Hi ! I am glad that the adoption is going smoothly for you. I hope to hear soon that you got a travel date. Praying for you, Pat

  4. Does the band thing seem to help Nolan you think? I hate having things on my head so I feel for him. :)

    Christine, I have to comment on how much joy it gives me to see how you always have the kids helping you in the kitchen. I know you couldn't do it all alone, but they are so self-sufficient! I struggle with teaching my kids things because when they are in the kitchen with me is when I realize how much of a control freak I can be! Did you struggle at first or did it come naturally?

  5. It hurts because Nolan is not use to hearing. Think about how loud music can make your ears hurt and that what it is like for Nolan. Once he gets use to it the pain should get better.


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