Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bright Ideas

A few of the girls wanted to make these homemade whoopie pies. I was out so was not able to assist.   At dinner Julia told me how she substituted cocoa powder for chocolate baking squares and just cut back on the shortening.  She and Anastasia also cut back on powdered sugar and butter in the filling.  I think it's pretty neat that the girls are figuring out ways to modify recipes-- something I didn't feel comfortable doing until I was in my thirties.  By the way, they came out great!
This is what our garden looks like right now.  The onions came from the ends that I cut off of store bought green onions and then planted.  We have quite a few of them.  They are so full of flavor.  I have one of the kids go out and cut them fresh anytime I need them and they grow right back.   The lettuce just continues to spread like crazy.  It has a strong taste so I don't use it often, but it does look pretty. 
William got a new skateboard for Christmas.   He was very excited since his old one was in rough shape.  He is out every day riding it.  I guess he and John had a talk one day because they called me outside to see this trick.  Turns out that William screwed his right shoe to the board. :)

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