Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Arts

Jonny's 4th grade class put on the play Alice in Wonderland.   He was Tweedle Dum.
The kids did a fantastic job.
I made three packs of jello for dessert one night.  I wanted it to be ready in two hours so I followed the quick set directions.  I misunderstood how much ice and water to add, and we ended up with lumpy Jello soup.   Whipped topping couldn't even save it. 
However, Galina and Anna found a delicious recipe for cookie dough bars.

They were rich, but very good.
Anastasia drew this eye by watching youtube videos.
Paul loves to draw too.
So does Dennis.
Here is Anna wearing Jonny's hat from the play.
Waffles for breakfast. 
Andrew's newest thing is making solar ovens. 
It's a treat when our home is filled with music from the kids playing.
P.S.  Paula is the kids' friend.


  1. Can you share the cookie dough bar recipe? They look delicious!

  2. Hi! At my house we also had a music jam. My children are just learning how to play their new instruments. But it was a blast. Have fun jamming ,Pat

  3. Youtube videos are not to be sneezed at! Sergei has learned a LOT of electronics just that way. And Aidan LOVED participating in a TV painting class back when he was homeschooling.


  4. awesomeness
    you have some pretty talented children there <3


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