Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Week and Headbands

The kids are back to school.   But for home school, we are doing something new.  The school is calling this first week back "Project Week".
This is the science project description for Paul, Anastasia, and Sveta.
Opening Up Science
For Learning Period 5 you will be working on a very exciting home-study research project. For this project  you will be researching what something is like on the inside and how something works. 
Have you ever wondered what the inside of an anthill looks like or how a television works? Maybe you have wanted to research what the inside of the earth looks like or how a camera works. You will have an opportunity to research anything that you want!  Be prepared to share all the components of your project with your facilitator or academy teacher.
Our project week will be January 6-10, 2014. During this week, you will not have any other assignments, but will work on this project each day for the whole day.  Please take your time and pay attention to details when completing your work.

Components of this project:
  • Engage:  Brainstorm potential projects to work on and choose an item that will be manageable to research and build.
  • Explore:  Research your topic and decide which materials to use for your 3D report.
  • Explain: Complete your research paper with appropriate citations
  • Elaborate: Build a cross section of your project and a poster that you can use to help present it.
  • Evaluate: Look over the rubric and make sure you have everything.  If not, go back and add it in!
The tabs on the left side will help you through each step.  You will also see two levels, one for younger students and one for older students.  Please use the grade level as a general guideline to ensure you (or your student) are working at an appropriate level. 

The high school girls chose individual science projects.
Anna, William, and Andrew are doing one big group project.
In this project, you will be a nature detective and select a local ecosystem to study. After exploring your local environment, you will create a field guide to introduce the ecosystem to others.

In some ways these last two days have been a nice easy transition back into school.  In other ways, the expectations of the kids nowadays because of common core is really stressful.  I hope, I hope, I hope I can find a balance.
Today's lunch.  Homemade French Bread Pizzas.
Julia is still crocheting away.  Her servant's heart to help fundraise is very special.  As we are watching an episode from season 9 of LHOP she is crocheting.
Thank you to all who have kept her busy!
Here is her newest item-- baby bibs size 12X9.  They are made with 100% cotton yarn.
$20 each-- going for a very good cause.

Julia is also making these soft, baby head bands for $9 each.  They make a wonderful baby gift.
Please email me at thereed8 at yahoo.com if you would like to order. 
I will throw in a window decal. ;)
Here are some of Julia's most recent orders just in case any of them catches your eye.

We finally have an adoption update.  Our social worker has finished our home study and it is being reviewed right now.  Hopefully it should be in our hands next week!


  1. Christine,
    Love the headbands! They arrived quickly and have already been shipped off and received by my sister and her 3 girls! Just in time for the cold weather. Thanks so much!

  2. Thought you would like this!


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