Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Alphabet Song

When my first kids were younger they grew up watching Sesame Street's Alphabet Treasure Hunt.  It was an awesome VHS tape that they watched over and over.  We memorized Kermit's Alphabet Song.  We loved it.... literally.  Recently we rediscovered it again.  I encourage you to watch it.  If you are anything like us, soon the lyrics will be stuck in your head.

Then today after church, Julia and John left the living room for awhile.  I was curious as to what they were doing.  Come to find out, they were writing new lyrics to the song.
Here is Julia and Adam singing a new version.
It made me smile... big.

The Reed Alphabet Song
A is for adoption
B Beaumont
C is for craziness
D is for Dad
E is for everyone like
F Father
G Galina
H Home to us
I Invest
J Jonathan
K King of
L Love
 M is the Mom
N Naptime
O is for Oliver
P, the "Pooter" will be sleeping soon
Q is for Queen of Honey (That's Dad's cell number for Mom)
R Reeds
S Sisters
T talk at our devotions
U is for unicycle that's
V Vehicle of
W William
X is for X-games where he'd love to ride
Y is for yelling that will never cease
which brings us back to
Z's for when the family's asleep
in Beaumont

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