Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Plates

We finally got our new plates. I had hoped to get them in time for Christmas, but I didn't mail them off until a few days before.  In the end it was actually kind of nice to  have them arrive later... kind of a bonus after Christmas.  The kids are so happy with them!
I dislike playdoh.  Just ask the kids.  So when we were given two cans of it, I set them on the counter out of reach of Nolan and Dennis and Alex.  My intent was to donate them to the local thrift store.  But they didn't make it.  The kids did get ahold of them after all.  Oh well.
Last night we had ice-cream waffles for dessert.  The kids really enjoy these.  So simple, yet so special.


  1. Oh wow! Those plates are awesome! I love Nolan's, with so much detail.

  2. Those are truly amazing. And Annalyn made me laugh out loud. Well done. What a great idea.

  3. Nice plates. THe kids drew them and you ordered them?

  4. Where do you get these plates made?

  5. I love the plates! Where did you get them done?


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