Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Quiet

I can't believe it.   It is a little past 8 o'clock and the house is completely quiet.  Granted, John is at BSF with thirteen of the kids, but still, all the littles are bathed and asleep and I finally have some time to myself.
I would be cleaning out my closet if I could find the vacuum cleaner, but no, one of the kids decided to put it somewhere and after searching high and low I give up. 
Earlier when I was giving Dennis a haircut, I heard a thud.  Oliver climbed out of his crib again and landed on his bottom... thankfully.  Yeah, I'm sure you are thinking that you heard this a while back, but honestly, I have had no luck finding an alternative for him.  His crib is next to our bed still, so he usually falls asleep when I go to bed, so he has no reason to want to climb out unless I am in another room.  Well, I was, so he of course wanted to get out.
I've tried having sleep with his brothers, but he just plays.  I've tried having him sleep with us, but he practically kicks us off the bed, and I end up putting him back in the crib anyway.
Well after the thud tonight, I figured I had to be more diligent in teaching him to sleep in a regular bed.  So I laid him down on the extra bed in the corner of our room.  He tried to sit up at least a dozen times, and played around for an hour, but he listened each time I told him to lay back down, and now he is asleep.  Touchdown!  At least that is how I feel right now.
Jonny is in a play at school.  He is Tweedle Dum in Alice of Wonderland.
Dennis is growing up incredibly fast.  He is so mature for his age.  His brother gave him an old MPG player to have, and now Dennis wants one that really works for his birthday.  And he is only seven!
The other day, I was at a children's clothing consignment shop.  I came across these two things.  Feeling so blessed that we will get to see them worn. 
Thank you to those who have supported our fundraising efforts.
We appreciate it very much.
Thank you Caroline!  You look beautiful.
"I couldn't be happier with my new oven mitts! For years I would replace my store bought ones trying to find a pair that would work. Sometimes I would resort to grabbing the closest hand towel. The mitts that Julia made for me are amazing! I got them in the mail just in time to take out a pan of lasagna for dinner. They were perfect! I didn't feel even a tiny bit of heat.  I had a hard time choosing a color so I did each one a different color. That makes them even more uniquely mine. I am hoping to buy more pairs as gifts to my daughters to put in their hope chests. I'm so pleased to help with this adoption, but at the same time receive such a wonderful, useful item. Thanks, Julia!"
Thank you Kim!


  1. I'm interested in a pair of your oven kits in green. Thanks!

  2. you might try a crib tent for Oliver. It worked great for us when our daughter was jumping out of the crib and no where near ready for a bed. it is mesh and zips open...look it up..think I got it at babysrus or toyrus

  3. Hi! I am getting excited about hearing about you new daughter. I think her and Oliver will be great play mate. Pat

  4. My solution to getting out of the crib was a sleep sack such as this: http://www.target.com/p/halo-sleepsack-wearable-blanket-100-cotton/-/A-14549595?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=|10054359&CPNG=Women&kpid=10054359&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=10054359&gclid=CLLau5PZhbwCFRCUfgodvnAAYA

    only the size they make for toddlers. It worked for a few months, then I had to start putting it on backwards and zipping it up the back. finally we gave him a big boy bed, but it helped a LOT for several months.

  5. The crib tents were recalled as they pose a strangulation risk. The manufacturer is out of business.


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