Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday!

The kids are growing up. We have another sixteen year old in the family.   She is our beautiful daughter Annalyn.  Happy birthday sweetheart!
To celebrate Annalyn's birthday we let all seven girls go out with Paula and Taylar for the day-- no parents.  Taylar drove one of our cars.  They went out to lunch, shopped, and played hide and go seek in Target. They had a blast and it was neat hearing all about it when they got home.

John barbecued burgers for dinner, and then we played Balderdash!  It was so much fun.  We enjoyed it so much that we played the next night too.  Though Annalyn had a slow start as did many of us, she was rocking it by the end!  She had me voting for her before long.

Even though Grandpa and Grandma could not be there, Annalyn got their present in the mail.
Annalyn loves reading Chicken Soup books.

Annalyn requested apple crisp for her birthday cake.  We made graham smores as a bonus.

Watching Annalyn blow out her sixteen candles is such a blessing.  I cannot imagine what life would be like if she was not a part of our family.  She makes us laugh.  She is tenderhearted.  Thoughtful.  Crazy.  Artistic. Fun.  Groovy. 
Happy birthday to a special girl!


  1. Beautiful young woman, her radiance just shines..

  2. Happy birthday!! Sorry but... who is Paula?

  3. Hi! Happy Birthday! The girls day out seemed like a lot of fun. Take care, Pat

  4. Christine,
    Tell Annalyn Happy Birthday, and I LOVE her new hair style!!!!
    With love to your family....

  5. I love these pictures of the birthday fun! And her beautiful smile!

  6. Happy Birthday Annalynn....YOu have blossomed into such a lovely young woman!!

    P.D. Love your hair like that!


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