Sunday, December 8, 2013

William's Birthday

Happy birthday to our son William!  He is 14 years old.
After church we went and took new family photos.  The boys asked me to get this picture of them at the top of the fountain. 
After pictures we came home and made lunch.
We also started making the coconut cream pies-- William's request instead of birthday cake.
While lunch was cooking, John was goofing around with the kids.

After lunch, we decorated the Christmas tree.
Oliver kept saying, "Oooooooooo."
The older kids mostly just watched.

William was all smiles when I told him that after the tree was decorated we were going to give him one of his presents early.

A unicycle!  Yes we got William a unicycle.  He is so much like a stuntman that we knew this was something that he would master in no time.  At first he was not very excited because it seemed impossible.  Then John showed him some videos on You Tube that said that people should expect 10 hours of practice before being able to ride a unicycle.  William took that as a challenge.
Back to the pies.
Nolan and Oliver loved licking the whipped cream off the beaters.
Soooooo cute!
 Voila`!  Homemade Coconut Cream Pies!
John barbecued burgers too, another of William's favorites.
Who knew candle lighting would be so much fun.
~Happy birthday to you~      ~Happy birthday to you~
William gave Annalyn a hug after opening her gift.  It was very sweet and warmed this Mama's heart.


  1. Happy Birthday Dear William! Keep at it with the unicycle. My brother got one at your age and before long he was riding to school with it. I tried, but not for ten hours I'm sure. And I never got it. I've always regretted not being more committed to accomplishing that. GO WILLIAM!!

  2. Perhaps two poles to help stabilize, like ski poles. I always wanted to try, Those that can do it make it look pretty easy, practice, practice and when you can ride it, have Mom put a video up! Happy Birthday!!!


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