Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Pictures

Last week Caleb dressed up for the mock trial going on in his government class.
Oliver is so into "playing" nowadays.  It is so amazing to see him imitate his older siblings with the light saber.  I love watching him.
It might not look very good, but it is a favorite around here with some of the kids.  They like to have a bran or banana muffin broken up in a bowl with milk poured over it.
Dennis started doing this last year.  We have these cupboards outside our bedroom and he likes to stash his legos in them.  Now he just opens up his cupboard to play.
Now Nolan does it too.
One of Jonny's chores is to fold and put away the clean towels.  What kinds of chores does your 10 year old do?
Today we had our social worker visit.  She commented how she had not really seen Oliver walk during the whole visit.  That's because he is usually in someone's arms.  The girls especially have a way of making him fall asleep in their arms.  So sweet.
Pork chops are a favorite at dinnertime.  We probably have them three times a month right now.  And they are really simple to make.  Just fry them in olive oil with Lawry's seasoned salt on the stove top.  Everyone enjoys them!
Julia made this snowflake for John.  She eats, breathes, and sleeps everything Star Wars.
We had our social worker visit today.  It went well.
We should have our completed home study by the New Year.


  1. Hi! Good luck with the social worker visit and the final report. It is good everything is moving in the right direction to get your child home. Please give us more details as you move along on this adoption process. Good luck and God willing the child will be home by this summer or spring, Pat

  2. Caleb is one handsome young man.

  3. Congratulations, cant wait to see your little girl:)

  4. Wow, did Julia design the snowflake herself or is there instructions somewhere? My boys would so do this!
    Love the cupboard lego idea, anything to keep them organized!


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