Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pictures Galore

Nolan is doing great in school.   He is so motivated to learn and write.
He can color, write all of his letters, and cut with scissors.  He lets nothing stand in his way of doing what he sets his mind to.
His Assistive Communication Device has been ordered and he should begin his trial run with it sometime in January.  I am so excited for him!  We did a trial period with a bone conduction headband to help with his hearing and it was a flop.  Nolan did not like wearing it longer than a half hour at a time and he would pull it off and leave it somewhere.  Since it was a loner I could not take the chance of losing it, so after three weeks, we returned it.  Down the road we are looking at surgery to have a bone conduction implant anchored, but it is not urgent.  For now, he is on ear drops to help dry the left one out. 
A week ago we had some friends over.  After dinner we decorated sugar cookies.

Alex and Oliver waiting for dessert.
Anastasia listening to music.
Andrew and Paul playing a video game.
The older kids working on a drawing of 12 things that remind them of Christmas.

William bought himself a box of his favorite cereal.  For Christmas, he shared a bowl with me.
I cooked another turkey recently, this time in an oven bag.  It turned out really moist.
After deboning it, Paul and Nolan had a field day looking for the wishbone and eating the skin.
Adam helped Dennis build a rocket.
John got me this industrial strength 14 quart pot.  I love it! 
Sveta and Paul
Jonny building a new fort.
My sister and Aunt gave us some money for Christmas.  I got the kids a few razor scooters and bikes off of a local craigslist type site.  The kids have been riding them non-stop.
Even Alex likes to play the new drums.
Julia got the girls Just Dance 2014 for the Wii. 
Aunt Tanya helped Alex do a puzzle.
There is an official ranking in the house of Oliver's favorite people in the whole wide world.  Adam is number 1 hands down.  Oliver will always go to him no matter who is holding him, and he doesn't even need to be dishing out marshmallows.  Julia, Anna, and I are all pretty much tied for second depending on his mood and whether or not there are marshmallows involved. 


  1. Hi! Oliver is so cute. Adam is so caring and loving with him. Adam will be a good father someday. I got my children some razors and bikes at a local garage sale last summer. They had a blast. Keep having fun, Pat

  2. The bone conduction hearing aid is the same one that Maddie uses. It took her awhile to get used to it...but now feels naked without it. ;) If you find out anything interesting on the bone anchored hearing aid, could you let me know? That is the next step for Maddie too... and I am avoiding it. Our insurance won't cover it... and I hate to think how much it will cost. Ugh.


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