Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Family Photos


  1. Hi! Really sweet and beautiful. Enjoy your family,Pat

  2. So sweet. I can't believe how grown up everyone is getting. Little Dennis with his legs crossed just made my heart melt.

  3. Very very sweet!!! Looks like we were doing the same thing today!!!

  4. Those photos made me smile.
    You're all beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful bunch!

    Love the pic of you and John. The kids are all growing up so nicely.

    Much love sent your way,

    P.S. You have inspired me to lose weight. I'm doing it! No excuses, no waffling. Just doing.
    Can you give tips for dieting while preparing as usual for a family?

  6. Christine,
    your family pictures are awesome. You look great and younger!
    Keep up the great work you do!
    God bless,

  7. Hello!!! I found your blog through a comment on - My husband and I adopted our ventilator-dependent daughter seven years ago, then we had three bios, and last night we had the big talk about adopting again. I am so very thankful for your blog. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that our next child is out there!!! Your blog resonated with me so much! I am certain God is stirring our hearts for a reason! You are not going to believe this but as I looked through the pictures I cracked up laughing because I recognized quite a few of the places you've been. We also go to the pumpkin patch off live oak! Small world, right? I literally said out loud (to my Labrador, because the kids are all asleep) "HEY! That's right near our house" when I scrolled through your son's graduation. In fact we live off the same street as the high school! (The Stetson neighborhood by the freeway). As your blog clearly demonstrates, you are VERY busy. I was hoping it would be okay to ask you a few questions about having such a large family through adoption. My heart is completely called to do it, but of course there is fear about having such a large brood. Maybe it would be nice to see that it is totally possible! Thanks so much! Jo Isley (


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