Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Sometimes traditions are started without even trying.   Take last year.  The kids were talking about getting up super early to go and check out stockings and presents.  John put up an obstacle course to help deter the kids until everyone was up.  Turns out, they loved it!  And so on Christmas Eve they were asking John if he was going to block the stairway again.  So as to not disappoint the kids, he did.  And believe it or not, Oliver got through to Adam waiting down at the bottom of the stairs.
This was Oliver and Nolan's second Christmas with us.  Nolan absolutely knew the drill, and sweet Oliver enjoyed his siblings helping him.
The kids enjoyed their stockings so much, I think that we could have been done after opening them.

This Christmas was really neat in that the kids went out of their way to give gifts to each other and to others.  Jonny gave a big tub of licorice to everyone for our next movie night.
The older kids got together (without my knowledge or say) and chipped in for this electric drum set for mostly John.... and the whole family. 

Grandma and Nolan did his new Star Wars puzzle.
My Mom, and Uncle Jack came for Christmas dinner.
Here is a picture of the pinochle players.  They must have played a few dozen games.
Andrew is all into magic tricks.  He got an awesome set for Christmas and delighted us all weekend with a non-stop magic show.

Oliver loves, loves, loves books.  He was thrilled to get a bunch of new ones for Christmas.  Oliver and Nolan sat on the couch and looked at books together for quite awhile.

Annalyn and Anna let me take this picture.  As I look at it, I see such beautiful young ladies who are growing up so fast.

Cousin Matt and Jenn came for Christmas too.

This is the card that Jonny gave to all of us along with the licorice. 
"Just one more trick Mom, and then I'll go to bed."  This is partly why I didn't blog sooner. :)
Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas. 


  1. Hi! I am glad you had a nice and blessed Christmas with your family .My family spent most of Christmas day at church. Happy holidays ! Pat

  2. I think we will be doing just stocking next year as the kids,were super happy with just that! They didn't need or want anything more!

    Love your photos! Oliver steals my heart looking at books!

  3. aw, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! The obstacle course looks like fun :) Happy Holidays!

  4. Merry christmas! That obstacle course is awesome and the drum set... wow! Happy times.

  5. I loved the look on your older boys' faces as their younger brother saw his present. It truly is better to give than receive and that is proof!
    Also, the note to the family made me teary-eyed. Very sweet.


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