Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lots More Yarn

It's been awhile so I figured I would give an adoption update.   This process is going well.  We are just waiting for our home study so it could be sent off to USCIS. 
We have received around $3000 in donations including $150 today.  I am thankful... humbled... speechless.  Tis the season to give... it is true.  I hope you have been blessed by your giving to know that your donations are helping to bring home-- God willing-- our little girl.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Julia and I went out to get some new yarns.  Grandma gave her some too.  With our newest orders, I thought it would be easiest if you just saw the colors we have.  Just let us know which picture and color of yarn you would like.
4.  These balls are only big enough to be flowers.
5.  There is a slight variation in these two balls.  One has brown and mustard yellow and the other doesn't.
7.  The first brown has flecks of gold.  All three resemble the color beige.
9.  Julia and I thought these two colors would make a really pretty headband.
 These are a few of Julia's past orders.

Julia wanted me to let you know, that she makes baby beanies too.  If you have a certain crochet pattern and you would like her to make it for you, she can do that too.
Headbands are $17
Beanies are $20
There is a Pitch In box on the top right hand corner of this blog for donations in exchange for crocheted items.
On a side note, I have to share... the car window decal fundraiser has been a complete flop.  I have sold three... out of 80.   Indeed it is embarrassing that I took for granted that this fundraiser would go as well as prior ones.  I was wrong.  I guess I didn't do so hot with the design this time around.  Or perhaps the suggested donation is too high at $20.  If anyone decides that they would like one, they are now only $10 including shipping.  You can find them here.
I leave you with a picture of the little girl we hope to adopt, when she was younger.
Our Grace Haven Family page can be found here.  All tax deductible donations made through this link will help with adoption costs related to bringing home little girl.


  1. Hi! I am glad your fund raising is going well. International adoption is very expensive .Continue to be blessed, Pat

  2. I can't see the photo of your precious little girl. :(


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