Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Few Days in Belize

On Friday we went snorkeling.

The first time out was kind of scary to me.  John loved every second of course.  After snorkeling for about an hour I felt much more relaxed.  However, the current was strong in this particular area and we got so tired trying to swim back to the boat that we had to have it come and get us.
To break for a rest, bathroom stop, and some of the best pineapple I have ever had in my life we  raced over with rain pelting down on us to beautiful sunny South Water Caye.

While we took a break we spotted this sea horse.... and an octopus too.

Soon we were back in the boat off to ur next snorkeling destination.  This spot was perfect!  There was no current, the fish were plentiful, and the weather was spectacular.  We even say a huge Sting Ray!


After we got back to the resort, John witnessed a fisherman with a full catch dock in front of the restaurant.  The owner bought all of his catch.
Later in the day we went to Brother's Pizza.  I'm sure you are thinking-- Pizza?? in Belize??  Well let me tell you-- it was the best pizza I've had in ages.  If you go to Hopkins I totally recommend it.
On the way we stopped by Sew Much Hemp.  This woman sells homemade lotions made with hemp oil and essential oils.  In the corner of her bus was a sick dog she was nursing back to health after a snake bite.

Here is the front of her bus that she lives in.

 This is the road through Hopkins Village.  We borrowed bikes.  My bike chain kept falling off so John switched bikes with me, bless his heart.  But John kept having to fix it every few houses.  Then our snorkeling guides biked up to us. The people are so nice and friendly that one of them insisted on taking John's bike and giving John his good one. 
On this last day, John and I both got sick.  John got a horrible case of Swimmer's Ear and I got a horrible case of you know what.  It was awful for both of us.  Thankfully it was the last day though.
The next morning we were driven to the little airport in Dangriga.
 The plane was so small that when I boarded there was no where to sit except next to the pilot.  Check out our take off.

We had a few hours to wait at the International airport in Belize City where we ate lunch, enjoyed free Wifi, and shopped for a few souvenirs.
The flights home were uneventful, and Adam and Julia were at the airport at 1am to pick us up.
It was an amazing trip that brought John and I closer together than ever.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to reconnect and talk about our family, home school, God, hobbies, etc..  We had a chance to unplug for a while and get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  We met many amazing people too.
Back at home my daughter Rachel commented that I am like a new woman.  She said that we should get away more often.  Rather than wait nearly 18 years to go away again like this, maybe we'll do something for our 25th-- God willing.
Meanwhile, we are back. :)


  1. Wow! What an amazing trip! Then again you've been to Ukraine and Russia so nothing should have surprised you! Love the snorkeling photos!

  2. Hi! I am glad your adventures went so well for you. At times parents need to get away and relax and come back from a vacation refreshed. Enjoy your family, Pat

  3. Christine - I am so glad you had such a wonderful holiday with your husband. Parents do have to connect once in a while - good for the whole family. I love all the photos too - looks like a beautiful place. We are having a very cold spell where I live and today with the wind chill it is -41C and that is about the same in F - COLD!!!!! Looking at your photos almost.....yes almost warms me up :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

    Marilyn from Canada


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