Friday, December 13, 2013

It's a.....

Thank you! Since I posted our first fundraiser of headbands and beanies yesterday, $797 in donations and orders came in.  This is wonderful news.  I am just so in awe how generous you all are.  Thank you for partnering with us in bringing home our little girl!
I am starting a concurrent fundraiser.  Check out these delicate, crocheted snowflake earrings.  Lovingly made by Julia, they will bring a festive appearance to any wardrobe this Christmas season.

$8 a pair
Please leave a comment or email me at
thereed8 at
Please specify if you need these by Christmas.
Our first set of documents needed have been apostilled and mailed off.
We have been fingerprinted twice already, and so have a few of the kids since this is a Hague country.
We have our social worker visit tomorrow.


  1. wish i were in the us, i totally love those earrings!!!
    congrats on your little girl!

  2. I would love apair for christmas for my mom!

  3. A little girl!!! How exciting for you all! Can't wait to "meet" her!

  4. I'd love two pairs of crocheted earrings for Christmas. I was wondering if you would adopt a girl. How exciting! How do you get ready to adopt again so soon? We adopted two little boys from Ukraine three years ago. We are praying about going again. We would love to adopt again.

  5. Julia is a master at what she does - her work is beautiful! Congratulations on your little girl - how lucky she will be to be part of your family! I was wondering - do you ship to Australia? I would love to buy some of Julia's crafts xx

  6. Congratulations on your new daughter!!! I can't wait to hear more! XOXOXO

  7. Hi Lillian, How do I email you? We have your earrings ready. Thanks!

  8. They're all growing up... a little sad and a little happy.

  9. So excited for your family Christine! I can't wait to watch it all unfold in God's own way. Often you and your family remind me of the song on a Passion CD I have called All My Fountains. Maybe it will bless you today.

    Much love

    Jill Donnelly


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