Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Wow oh wow! My oldest daughter turned 18. I think I am still in denial.  Happy birthday Rachel!
For her birthday she wanted to go roller skating.  Four of her friends along with her sisters and Caleb went skating for three hours.  When they came back we had tons of Chinese food..... and a few burgers from McDonalds for those who don't like Chinese. 
She requested "I Do! I Do! Wedding Cake Ice-Cream" from Blue Bunny, but after looking for it at four different stores we settled on a variety of four different ice-creams. :)
We sang happy birthday.
She blew out the candles.

She opened presents.  A few weeks ago I took her on a mini-shopping spree and let her pick out whatever she wanted.  It was fun for her, and took the stress off of me.  I think I will do this will all of my girls when they turn eighteen.  She of course had to wait for her birthday to open her gifts though.
Friends and family knew exactly what to get her-- as she was all smiles

John and I are very proud of Rachel.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Though we have only had the pleasure of parenting her for the last 6 1/2 years of her life, we have witnessed a flower blossom into full bloom.  What a privilege.

I have to admit, it feels like time is slipping through my hands.  Just the other day we were celebrating her 13th birthday, then her 16th, and now her 18th.  
She may technically be an adult now, but I think she will always be our little girl!


  1. Hi! Time does fly when you have children. Each year they get older and older. And each year they bring more blessings and joys. Pat

  2. She is so beautiful. Glad her day was special for her.

  3. Happy Birthday Rachel!! Lot's of love from all of us <3 !!

  4. She is beautiful. I can't believe she's 18 already.


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