Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Did You Catch That?

I blogged about our trip to Belize, Thanksgiving, and our new family photos, but I shared very few details of what has really been going on.
The morning after returning to Belize John ended up in Urgent Care because of his ear ache.  After starting meds, it took the both of us almost a week to recover from our trip.  I now know not to drink the water even when the locals promise you that it is safe to drink.
That same week we had some car issues to address.  One of the kids had a minor car accident in bumper to bumper traffic while in the rain, and our van got broken into at the local movie theater when the older kids were watching, "Catching Fire."  No one was hurt in the accident, the car is still drivable, and our van was fixed for way less money than we originally thought-- so it could have been way worse.
It took no time getting back into the groove of things except shortly after I took this picture, Oliver threw up his breakfast.  Home school still went on while the younger kids had the whole week off from school.

William enjoys food very much, but only certain foods.  When he gets to have those certain foods, he is one happy camper.
Home schooling has been quite interesting lately.  Even though we home school, I feel the pressure of common core in more ways than one.  Let's just say, I am not a fan.  And common core does not address children with special needs and or language barriers.  Not only do the kids have to learn to count money, but they also have to learn word problems like: Sue has $6.53.  Jake has three half dollars, six quarters, eight dimes, 5 nickels, and seven pennies.  If Jake and Sue put their money together will they have enough to buy a board game that costs $11.34?  What would their change be?
At this point in the game, I just want the kids to be able to count a handful of change and realize that three quarters, a nickel, and two dimes make up one dollar even though it is not a paper bill.  One hands on activity that seems to help is putting groups of change out for the kids to count.  After they do that, then we tackle the word problem using the coins.  This hands on approach is very helpful.
This year the kids are designing their own plates again.  The kids love doing this.  It is a family tradition that they can be reminded of at every meal.  When friends and family come over they get a kick at looking at the plate they are eating on and seeing who colored it.
It is neat to compare plates over the years.  It's neat to see how far the kids have come with their drawing skills.

Don't let this picture fool you.  Oliver is not always this adorable.  His favorite thing right now is playing in the toilet water.  Books, hats, cups, stuffed animals-- you name it-- have ended up in the toilet.  The other day he was soaking wet along with the bathroom rug.  When I sternly told him no over and over and shook my finger no at the toilet, his pouty little lips quivered.  It was so cute, but I couldn't let him know that so as to encourage him.  And it could be way worse had he known how to flush the toilet. 
Oh the smiles and trials of parenting. 
I smile imagining what it will be like when we have another little one running around this time next year.  :)
As far as the weight loss goes, I am still on track.  I am only three pounds shy of making my goal weight of 150 by the New Year.   How are you doing?  Was Thanksgiving a challenge for you like it was me?  I ate a little of everything, even pie.  I just never stuffed myself though, which is a first for me on Thanksgiving.  I really think that my eating habits have changed now that I know what is truly a healthy portion size.  The world is hell bent on super sizing everything, and it took time training my brain to not feel deprived with the smaller sized portions.  For me, it is all about trade offs too.  If I want a slice of coconut cream pie for dessert after dinner then I have a big bowl of salad with homemade Italian vinegar/light oil dressing for lunch to offset the calories.  
Admittedly, I have not been to the gym for three weeks.  I thought I would miss going and see the scale slowly climb again.  But it has not because I am doing things at home.  When the kids have to run to the park for P.E., I run with them.  When they have to walk to the third stop sign and back, I walk with them.  When I feel a chill coming on, I run up and down the stairs twenty times to get my blood flowing.  I do lunges across the hall and back at least once a day.  I park a little further away from the store entrance and briskly walk.  
Hey, it's what works for me, and I am not going to beat myself up about it.  It's working and I still feel the best I've felt in years.
Please let me know how you are doing. 


  1. I caught that! Will we be getting any more details soon?

  2. Another little one this time next year!!?? Have you mentioned this before!? Very exciting!

  3. You're SNEAKY Christine! :) I seriously just deleted your old blog from Feedly, do I need to add it again?

    This IS national adoption month so it's a good month to start paperchasing!


  4. Totally caught that!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! Will there be a separate blog like before?

    So excited for you guys and your new addition!

  5. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who was thinking maybe I had missed something earlier! Can't wait to hear more details....congratulations!

  6. Oooh! Can't wait to read more about this wonderful news!

  7. I caught that too! Woohoo!!! Also, I am interested in how you make those plates!

  8. I read that line many times because I was like, what?! I don't remember her saying anything!! So exciting!! Can't wait to hear more details =]]

  9. How exciting!!! Looking forward to more news...

  10. Add me to the list that is excited about another little one running around the Reed household!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. How does a salad satisfy a craving for pie? Surely it would make more sense to trade something sweetish like fruit.

  12. Anon, thanks for the question about the pie and salad. I went back and realized that I didn't make sense so I explained it better. You are right, salad does not satisfy my craving for pie, but by me eating a lot of salad for other meals it allows me to enjoy a piece of pie now and then.

  13. So very happy for you and your family! Congratulations! :D

  14. Christine, where did u get the things to design plates? I remember doing it in school when i was in 3rd grade and we still have the plate, but I've always wanted to make more and perhaps have the kids that I teach in my church youth group make some. Can you send me the information for where you got it


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