Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Little of This, and A Little of That

Who needs the gym? I certainly don't when I have Oliver to keep me on my toes.  He is exploring everything nowadays. 

Our neighbors bought four beanies and a headband to help out with adoption costs.  Thanks Krysta!The grey one turned out so nice, that Julia made another one with a bit of originality.  Presenting the padawan beanie! :)
I was totally against a drum set.  Actually dead set against it.  Like I needed another noisemaker in the house.   But I am actually enjoying it for the most part.  Annalyn plays this African jungle beat that gets me dancing every single time.  Literally.  So I thought we would have a dance contest.
Here I am doing my dance. 
And here is Caleb doing his.  Sorry Cay, but I think I won. :)
Rachel got tons of nail polish for her birthday so she treated me to a pedicure.  As I type this I am having my toes painted to look like glittery gold nuggets.  Because there is nothing like some bling bling to bring in the new year. 
I forgot to mention that Julia made me these amazing oven mitts for Christmas.  A blog reader noticed and emailed me about them.   She said that every pair of oven mitts that she has still made her burn her hands, just like me.  That is why Julia made them for me.  They are crocheted with four strands of yarn in the tightest stitch.  They work great! 
Thank you for your oven mitt order Kim!
Thank you for your donations and orders.  I am in awe of your generosity... to be on the receiving end on behalf of our little girl that we are adopting to help get her home, you have donated $4000 in the last five days.  Thank you so much!  


  1. Love the oven mitts. How much?

  2. I am so excited about the mitts! Like, REALLY excited!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Love the dance photos!

  4. The fact that your 18 year old daughter WANTS to paint your toenails says volumes about your mothering skills. You are very blessed.


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