Monday, November 4, 2013

Hopefully A New Tradition

Oliver loves books! I have never met a kids who likes to look at books more than Oliver. Too bad he loves to rip up books too. We go through so many.   I buy the chunky ones at thrift stores when I can.  Thankfully he is getting better at not ripping them apart.  Rather than be too upset, I am just thrilled to see that he enjoys them so much!
One of our family's go to snacks is homemade popcorn popped in olive oil-- no butter.  It is wonderful.  The girls know how to pop it on the stove so I don't have to do it.   In the beginning it took the kids a few times to really like it.  For Halloween the kids got microwave popcorn and were so excited to come home and make it.  A lot of them commented how much better our homemade popcorn tastes.  :)
This year we are doing something new.  The older kids are thrilled with the idea.  Since they like to get each other gifts and they don't have much more than $20 to spend which means dollar store gifts for each child, I suggested they draw names and buy for just one older sibling.  Each kid put a few clues on their paper so whoever drew it would have some gift ideas.  The cap is under $20.   The kids couldn't wait to draw names.  Then I made up a chore list with each chore having different dollar amounts that I will pay for that particular chore and the kids signed up for what they wanted to do.   Here is Anna looking at the chore list while Jonny cleaned the junk drawer.
Galina picked cleaning out the food cupboards.  Here are our canned goods.  We grouped them together so things would be easier to find.  Hope it stays nice and neat.
Oliver loves to play the Tablet.  Anna helped him with a new game.
Julia played us a song while we gathered around her.
Oliver loves to undress himself.  Though it is cute, I can't wait till he is past this stage.


  1. We are drawing names this year too! :)

  2. Hi Christine,
    I sent you an email. It's important, it's about one of your kids' pictures improper use. Please check your email,


  3. Oliver is so cute, I love this age! We let our kids draw names too, and then we let them open those gifts first while we have our Christmas breakfast, it's such a fun tradition. We also love popcorn, I pop regular popping corn in the microwave. Just put a small handful into a brown paper lunch bag, fold the top down, lay it flat in the microwave and cook it for about two minutes, then I let each kid sprinkle popcorn flavoring or cinnamon into their bag.

  4. My husband started making homemade popcorn in a pop and uses coconut oil. It is sooooo good and healthy!!!! Tastes like movie theater popcorn!
    Love your new tradition!

  5. My toddler likes to undress himself, too. What a stage. :) The chore list is a great idea, as is the choosing of gifts.

  6. we just started popping popcorn in coconut oil... it's really good! I figured it would be sweet, but in my opinion it's not really. I add a bit of salt and that's it. I will have to try the olive oil!

  7. Back to front overalls - good luck to him getting those off! Particularly good for those who like to take their nappies off in bed.... yuck!

  8. Just wanted to say that you look fabulous, Christine! :)

  9. Hi! Oliver is so cute just to cute for words.Pat

  10. Hey there! I think your blog is lovely, so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! It’s just some blogosphere fun, and a cute way to say you’re awesome.. go share the happy!


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