Thursday, November 21, 2013

Headed to the Crystal Blue Waters

It has been one amazing week.  Yesterday we had a down day but not really unless bird watching, hiking to the Blue Hole, walking up the river, and taking a staff bus to the nearest city to explore and have dinner is doing nothing.  However, the day before we spent the day in Tikal, Guatemala climbing the Mayan ruins which is an actual adventure that is part of our package and the other stuff wasn't so that is what I meant by down day.  Anyway, John and I feel like we have made the most of every single moment here, and are excited to be headed to Hopkins Village on the beach today.  After an amazing breakfast of course.  I have so many details that I want to share, but internet is still painfully slow here so it will have to wait.  Some of the pictures are even more amazing. 


  1. I am so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you and John!!!!!! Can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Hi! I am so happy for you. My Belize missionary friend said the country and people were beautiful-enjoy my friend.Pat

  3. Been there. Been there. Blue Hole. Hiking. Oh Yes!! I am closing my eyes and reliving it.

    Wave hello to Dangriga... We ministered in that town many times. Lived there for months.

    Been to Hopkins when it was NOTHING but a mosquito infested miserable village.... I have dear friends in that village. Wave to them for me! I have pictures of my little boys swimming there. Worship services there.

    Oh I am so so jealous! I WANT TO GO TO BELIZE. Julia Nalle


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