Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 3 in Tikal, Guatemala

We got up really early Tuesday morning to go to Tikal, Guatemala.   This was an all day excursion so we had to start out before 6am.
This is at the border.
I had to pay fifty cents to use the bathroom.  It was the perfumiest bathroom I had every smelled.
Once in Guatemala we stopped for breakfast.  From the street this place looked like a little shack.  The floor was made with wood tiles.  It was beautiful.
Chickens were running around freely as was pigs and lots and lots of dogs.
The little town was very clean and simple.
What a beautiful white church.
In the park we saw these spider monkeys.
Tikal National Park is the size of Belize.  It is a beautiful park. (Julia, a scene from Star Wars was filmed here.)
The Mayan ruins were amazing to see.  Our guide has Mayan ancestry so he took us off the trail to point out things we wouldn't have normally seen.
This tree was really cool.
John wanted to hang from a vine like a real jungle man.  He finally got his wish.

This plaza used to be a city.

This was my favorite spot in the park. 

Here is one of the pyramids still covered by earth.  There are many like this that will remain unearthed due to the cost of excavating them.
As we were walking back to the van we spotted a tarantula.  After some coaxing I let it crawl up my arm.  Pretty cool.


  1. Your braver than me Mom! I would never touch a spider like that! Everything looks so beautiful you took great pictures.


  2. What a wonderful day! I would love to visit here!

  3. Adding Belize and Guatemala to my list of places I want to go to... great pics, Christine!

  4. There's an awesome board game called Tikal that's about unearthing pyramids. Your kids would probably really enjoy it.

  5. Wow that is beautiful. It looks like an amazing place.

  6. Wow, it looks like a beautiful place.

  7. Hi! The pictures are beautiful. It is interesting to think about all the Maya Indians who lived in this area and left such interesting art work behind .Pat

  8. What a beautiful park. But the tarantula? I'm going to have nightmares now!

  9. The Tikal Parc is a nice destination to discover the maya world.


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