Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 2 in Belize

Good morning.   This is the glorious view from our resort.  We actually swam this river on our off day and was surprised that it was very deep in spots.
This is a view of our treehouse from the river down below.  John accidentally dropped our room key through the cracks of the balcony floor and had to go on an adventure to retrieve it.
Here I am in the outdoor dining room.  Every night there was an amazing buffet of many fresh fruits and vegetables and two main dishes. 
We ate things like honey glazed beets, pecan green beans, stuffed pork chops, fresh papaya, coconut rice with beans, and chicken stewed with tomatoes and onions.  Other nights we had fresh fish, seafood jambalaya, and don't forget the fish serre and pig tail soup.  Needless to say, we tried things that we would not normally eat back home.
Our second adventure was a combo day of cave tubing and ziplining.  Just like before we started out on the tractor trailer.
And we crossed an even deeper river to get to the entrance of the cave.
The pictures do not show how clear and turquoise the water actually was.  Just beautiful and so warm.
This is the entrance to the cave.  Yes, we had to duck down but once inside it opened up.

In and out of the cave we went.  We tubes down 7 miles of the river where we saw stalactites, stalagmites, bats, and scenes much like the ones you would see in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean minus the pirates and treasure.

After cave tubing, we had lunch.  Our dining experience would not be complete without the loud local music playing overhead.
Then it was off to zip lining.  I was a bit nervous since the last time I tried zip lining a few years back, I chickened out and climbed back down.  We did not have one but five to go down.  John was certain I would love it.
As you can see, I did enjoy it very much.  It went by very quickly.  I was just proud of myself for doing it. 
Each night we came back to our room with a new animal made up on our bed.  A nice end to a great day. 


  1. Christine! I'm really enjoying your recap of the week. You two did a LOT and it's only been two days. You are adventurous! I've never seen any pictures of Belize from a traveler's point of view so this is pretty cool for me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm so glad you went ahead and stepped out of your comfort zone! It would be a shame to be in Belize and not enjoy it to the fullest. It's such a beautiful place. Seeing your photos reminds me of when I hitchhiked up the country from Guatemala many years ago. :)

  3. Another wonderful day! I'm enjoying this along with you!

  4. Hi! Really beautiful! In Erie, PA we have snow. Enjoy, Pat

  5. What a great trip!! I've always wanted to try ziplining but have been too afraid!


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