Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 1 in Belize

Let's start from the beginning.   John said, "Anywhere."  He told me that I could choose to go anywhere for our 20th anniversary.  It didn't take me long to settle on Belize.  It was not only the most affordable, but the most adventurous too!  Early Saturday morning, Adam and Galina drove us to the airport.
We had a short layover in Houston and soon we were in beautiful Belize.  Looking out the plane window, our excitement grew when we saw the jungle below.
We arrived at our resort after dark.  Honestly, I was disappointed when we first arrived.  All I heard was no outlets, and no Wifi and the sound of lots of bugs and flying mosquitoes.  I was tired.  Dinner was awesome-- the best fish serre (and I don't normally eat fish)-- and then we got to our room.  It was quite nice, and I was ready for sleep.  I went to bed thinking I would not be able to sleep in the humidity-- very wet and sticky in the jungle-- but I was wrong.  The sound of the rushing river, jungle insects, and morning downpour was one of God's most amazing lullabies.  I actually got cold too and never woke up once.
In the morning, I got a good look of our surroundings.  Of course everything was green and lush-- imagine the Garden of Eden jungle style.  Breakfast was a buffet of fresh fruit such as papaya and pineapple, local yogurt, traditional breakfast items, and the most amazing oatmeal raisin cookies.   Looking out at the river we could see a crane bird standing in the river.  Bananas hung from a nearby tree.  Butterflies fluttered here and there.  It was gorgeous.
After breakfast we loaded into our tractor pulled trailer to head off on our first adventure.

When we got to this river we thought we had arrived and our adventure would begin with us walking across it.  Nope.  The tractor drove us across. 

This is where our waterfall cave adventure began with a hike in the jungle. 
We took tons of pictures but many of them turned out blurry.  I decided to post the best ones though they don't accurately portray the beauty we saw in real life.  Absolutely amazing! 
This adventure had been closed for a few days due to the continuous rain the week prior.  Translation-- the water was high and downright treacherous in spots.
Early on in the cave, I stepped into a very deep crevice of rushing water and hit my knee pretty hard.  The continuous cool water against it helped it to feel better, but I had to be careful.  At one part of the cave we had to get down on our hands and knees and crawl and at another part we had to go neck deep in the water to duck under a stalactite.   Quite the adventure-- check it out for yourself.
These gour pools of rimstone were our favorite.

This was the first waterfall we saw in the cave. 
The first waterfall we were able to climb, but when I saw the second I knew I was done.  The water was flowing full force, stronger than normal since it had rained continuously the prior days. We decided to watch the others since John stayed with me.  When the second group was behind us we had to make room for them by going back down the waterfall.  The guide showed us that doing this involved jumping off.  John had no problem but I had to stand there and psych myself up for a few minutes.  I eventually did.  John did the same jump half a dozen times.
A little later we had lunch in the cave.  It was a neat experience. 
By the end of the adventure, John and I were ready to see sunlight again.
On the way back we rode by these Valencia orange groves.
Back at the resort we took a stroll through the botanical gardens.

End of Day 1 in Belize.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)

  2. I am so glad that you guys had fun! It looks like you had a great trip. Just praying the flight back will go well. Love and miss you. Can't wait to see you!


  3. Oh Wow!! What a wonderful first adventure!! I can't wait to read more!


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