Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bird Watching Tour

One evening we came back to our room with sea turtles on our bed.
In the morning we got up early to go bird watching.  This was the last thing I would ever choose to do, but our guide talked it up so much that we gave it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised as was John.  Once you see the pictures, you will see why bird watching exceeded my expectations.  Our guide was amazing.  He spotted birds left and right, and through his scope he was able to take these amazing pictures for us with John's camera phone.  It was even better when we each finally spotted birds on our own.  If John was doing this blog post, he would be able to name the birds for you. 

I know this is a humming bird.
And this is a toucan.

And this is a wood pecker.

And we saw this iguana high up in a tree too.

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