Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Erupting Volcanoes

This week we learned about the volcano Thera that erupted and sank.
So... we built two volcanoes and made them erupt.
The Plaster of Paris was quite difficult to work with that I nearly gave up.  Thankfully the kids finally managed to sculpt it into things that actually resembled mountains.
After they dried, the kids painted them.

This evening before John and the kids went to BSF, we made them erupt with vinegar and baking soda and other household items.

Each time they erupted, I was told that I jumped.
The kids thought the project was really cool.
So did I, since I never thought in a million years I would be a homeschool Mom building volcanoes that actually erupt.


  1. Go Mom! We do that all the time with old bottles...the plaster looks WAY cooler. Worth the effort I think! :) It's projects like that when I realize what a control freak I am. It's humbling.

  2. Pull up a youtube video of an ammonium dichromate volcano for the kids. Not a very safe chemical, but so beautiful.

  3. For just a moment "erupting volcanoes" made me think of sick children. SO glad that wasn't the case.


  4. I too admire the plaster. You are a better mom than I! LOL!

  5. Hi! I have made the volcanos using flour and water. I mixed it up as a dough. My volcanos came out ok. The vinegar and baking soda was a powerful chemical reaction to make the volcano erupt. Good job! Pat


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