Friday, October 4, 2013

Hoping His Fever Will Break

It's pomegranate time! Our tree has at least 20 this year.  And they are big and juicy and oh so delicious!  We actually planted another tree this year because we love them so much and it has two pomegranates growing on it.
Oliver is such an amazing little boy.  His teacher assessed him today and was thrilled at how much growth has taken place over the last few months.  He is attempting to put on his shoes and socks, and he has learned the pincher grasp.  He can sign Daddy, eat with a fork, pick up one foot to put on his pants with help, and shake his head yes or no.  He has officially said his first word.  I heard it.  Can you guess what it is?  Betcha can't guess, but go ahead and try anyway.
He will keep this head band on because he knows how extra cute it makes him look.

Julia is taking an online Spanish 2 class.  Annalyn is taking Spanish 1.  They both are doing very well, and I am so glad that I don't have to attempt to teach it.
Nolan is such a sweet soul.  He has been running a fever for the last few days.   At first I thought it was viral, but he didn't really have any other symptoms.  He has a high pain tolerance so I couldn't get him to pinpoint anything and yet no one else was getting sick.  I kept investigating and noticed that his ear had more discharge than normal.  Since his ear is still always draining, it was hard to figure this out at first.  I took him to the ENT where they agreed that he had an infection.  He was started on antibiotics.  The next day his fever did not go down and now he was saying that his left back side was hurting him so I thought of a kidney infection.  I recently bought UTI home test strips and one came back positive for leukocytes so I got him into the pediatrician within a half hour.  Their test came back negative.  Very frustrating.  Still, the doctor wanted to send off the specimen and she took a culture of his ear discharge.  She also said that if the one antibiotic didn't bring the fever down by the next day, I was to start him on a second antibiotic to treat him for a kidney infection since he kept pointing to his left backside.   As of now, he is on two antibiotics and if his fever isn't better tomorrow, I will take him in for blood work and a KUB X-Ray which stands for kidneys, ureters, and bladder.  I am praying for his fever to break by tomorrow. 


  1. Prayers for your sweet baby Nolan. And Oliver is so cute! Was his first word 'brothers'?

  2. Oliver is so cute :) Poor Nolan, I really hope he is feeling better today and his fever breaks. It's awful when they are sick like that.

  3. Ha ha super cute!

  4. Poor Nolan. I know what you mean about if he's complaining, you know it's something. I will pray for him this weekend.

  5. Guessing mama for Oliver's first word?

    Praying Nolan feels better. Poor little guy. :-(

  6. How is Nolan today?

    Hope his fever broke and you don't have to do more testing.

  7. Hi! I hope your son feels better and the rest of your family does not get sick. Hoping for better health for your son,Pat

  8. Let's see, dada, bye-bye, night-night, eat. Those are typical first words around here, though I had one late talker come out with "hungry" as a first word!


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