Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

We carved pumpkins last night.

I made this funny face because of the way Dennis held up his pumpkin carver.

Anna almost started a pumpkin gut food fight .  I ended it though.

John and I are going to Belize in a few weeks to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We are going a month and a half early because it is the off-peak season making it affordable for us.  Anyway, Rachel surprised us with a few things for our trip.  She got John this Duck Dynasty hat because she thought where we are going is going to be cold and that John was a big fan.  The thought was sweet.  And he seriously considered going to work today dressed up as a Duck Dynasty fan.  :)
 Jonny wanted me to paint his face.... again.

At the end of the night, the mask peeled right off-- it was pretty cool.
Annalyn dressed up as a nerd, and Oliver was a little goldfish.
Nolan liked the spider I face painted on him.
Caleb had to work, but he had me do a wild hairstyle.
I just adore this picture.
And oh my-- I could eat him all up!

Galina and Annalyn
Paul was a king.  I loved his homemade crown!
Dennis had on a costume, but then changed into a cape with a blue lightsaber.  Some guy guessed that Dennis was ObiWon Kanobi just because he had a blue lightsaber.  Him knowing that made Dennis' day.  Alex was Hercules.
Anastasia was a gypsy.

Here is a picture of Adam hugging Annalyn.  Adam dressed up as a loving big brother college student heading off for a mid-term.
And here I am dressed up as a bubble blowing Mama.
John stayed home and passed out candy.  I took the kids trick-or-treating.  This was what all the kids got after one street.  Sveta's, Jonny's, and Andrew's bags' were so heavy that they wanted to go home so we called it a night after an hour.  Still, the kids had a fun night and ended it watching a movie.


  1. Looks like everyone had a blast. Adorable family, I enjoyed your blog.


  2. What great costumes! And look at all that candy - and after only one street!!!!

  3. Hi! I took my children out trick and treating. Our church used to have a party at the church for trick and treat -this year they did not. I noticed that in our area a lot of the churches did not have Halloween parties for youth. Some of the churches that had the Halloween parties in the past stated that the church members were getting older and the younger members simply did not participate in churches functions. The churches had limited resources so they did not want to support a party and have no one show up for, Thanks Pat

  4. Nothing is as fun as trick-or-treating! Your children did a great job with costumes. LOVE that goldfish!

  5. You have such a beautiful family... seriously! :) Love all the smiles.

  6. Congratulations on a successful evening for everyone! Can't wait to see your pics from Belize, so jealous! :(


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